Leslie Nielsen’s Stupid Little Golf Video (1998) — Don’t throw out your hip!

“I can say without fear of contradiction that it is stupid!”

Justin’s rating: I’ve learned nothing from these videos, and that’s how it should be

Justin’s review: A good half-decade after his first golf instructional spoof, Leslie Nielsen returned for a third and final paycheck. Er, a third and final outing making fun of doing golf badly — but hilariously.

Stupid Little Golf Video returns to the original just-plain-wrong instructional format, with Nielsen putting through Alberta, Canada as he gives us all sorts of advice that would make any PGA judge see cross-eyed. It’s also based on his “Stupid Little Golf Book,” so residuals are coming in all over the place here.

With his faithful caddy and a new group of vocal crowd enthusiasts, Leslie Nielsen leans into familiar territory: ridiculous statements said with utmost confidence, so-dumb-they’re-funny sight gags, shameless mugging, and a passionate devotion to getting the game of golf as wrong as a human being could.

Not every segment here is a winner, but there usually is something funny in each. Stupid Little Golf Video picks up when Leslie finds another opponent to torture with his juvenile antics. Pretty much everything he does with the golf cart to be mean to his foe looks like a whole lot of fun.

This video is at its absolute best as when it dives into deep ridiculousness, such as replacing golf balls with a five-course meal’s worth of food, using flamethrowers to take out vegetation, and using golf to fight terrorists. It’s like a spoof movie without the plot, but that isn’t saying much about the narrative present in those kinds of movies anyway.

Taken as a whole, the Leslie Nielsen golf trilogy is a good — if vapid — time. The first had funnier quotes, the second more of a story, and the third the best sight gags. Again, your enjoyment will vary with how much you know and care about golf, but it’s worth a watch for any Nielsen fan.


  • Ahh start out with a pee-in-the-wilderness joke.
  • Leslie’s golf book has a centerfold pull-out
  • “ELK!”
  • A golf ball on the tee is your “mortal enemy” who “despises you”
  • You have to sneak attack golf balls
  • Hold clubs like you’re trying to throttle pit vipers
  • “You’re not swinging too fast unless the surrounding vegetation is suffering from visible wind damage.”
  • There’s so much food in this video, I think someone was hungry
  • “Steely Gaze”
  • Golf cam might as well be stalker cam
  • Drive off with your opponent’s club
  • About time we had a fight against a terrorist in a golf video
  • You can use scythes and ladles to golf
  • Haha an OJ knife joke

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