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While we here at Mutant Reviewers have a particular fondness for the groundbreaking scifi flicks of the ’80s and ’90s, we acknowledge that the totality of outer space, high-tech concepts, and far-flung settings weren’t contained to those two decades. In May 2023, we be looked back to the decade of the 1970s to see how science fiction shaped both the big and small screen.

’70s Scifi Week

Earl… we’ve got a plan.

We learned that the underground infestation known as “Graboids” are lurking in a long-running movie series known as Tremors. For 30 years now, cult fans have thrilled to the adventures of Burt, Val, Earl, and the rest as they battle nasty sand worms in their various incarnations. When we realized that 2020 marked the release of the seventh film in the franchise — and that’s not including its television presence! — we knew that we wanted to go on the ultimate Tremors marathon and cover them all for Mutant Reviewers during January 2021.

So grab a cold one, load up your favorite worm-busting weapon, and prepare to kick it with us as we plowed through Tremors from start to finish!

In the years that Mutant Reviewers went dark, something amazing happened: We got more Star Wars movies. And more Star Wars TV shows. Just… tons and tons of Star Wars! For those of us burned by the prequels and starving for new adventures in a galaxy far, far away, it’s been a geek bonanza. But it’s also been filled with controversy and very divided opinions that have ruined more than one Thanksgiving meal.

For one week in September 2020, the Mutant Reviewers channelled the Force and see if we can’t get all of the more modern Star Wars films up on the site. So strap in, kid, because we’re about to make the Kessel Run of movie reviews in less then 4 parsecs!

Who you gonna call when you want someone to believe you? That’s right — Ghostbusters! This entire week (July 2020) at Mutant Reviewers, we covered the films, cartoons, and video games that elevated our boys (and girls) in grey to legendary heights. Recap all of the glory with these posts:


BEFORE… WEEK (April 2014)







badsequelsBAD SEQUELS WEEK (October 2009)

FIGHT WEEK (May 2010)

NEIL GAIMAN WEEK (February 2011)

Spooky.  Imaginative.  Gothic.  Cool as all get out.  We all have our reasons for loving Neil Gaiman, and what better way to foster a little love on this popular author than to dedicate a full week to the man and his works at Mutant Reviewers?


It’s how the west was won… in our imaginations. Geek culture has always loved melding two popular genres together to make fun mashups, and the Western needed a kick in the pants anyway. This is why we’ve seen an interesting sub-genre that we like to call “Wild Weird Westerns” arise — a blend of the Western, science fiction, steampunk, and just plain oddness.

TIME TRAVEL WEEK (October 2011)

BABYLON 5 WEEK (February 2012)

REMAKE WEEK (November 2012)


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