Meet the Mutants

“It’s like sitting in your basement, watching those weird movies with your friends.”

That quote was the original vision for Mutant Reviewers. Since 1997 (on GeoCities, no less!), our crack staff of writers have put themselves through a gauntlet of some of the best and worst cult flicks in the world, all for your enjoyment. On this site you’ll find a treasure trove of cult movie and TV reviews along with other various geeky stuff, because we totally love searching for weird and crazy movies!

Mutant Reviewers received coverage and accolades from Premiere magazine in 2002, USA Today in 2004, and in 2005. You can read more about the legacy of Mutant Reviewers in our 20th anniversary retrospective, our 2009 reboot, learn about our 2020 site revival, and catch up with the Mutants today. New posts weekdays. Follow us on Twitter and chat with the community on Facebook.

And now, we’d like to introduce you to the great family of Mutant Reviewers:

Active Mutant Roster


Justin, the co-creator of Mutant Reviewers, is a man of mysteries, silly putty and mannequins. He loves him a good ’80s and ’90s movie, especially in the realm of scifi or comedy. Justin’s been writing reviews for this site since ’97 when he was in his third year of college… and he doesn’t plan on stopping even when he gets to the old folks home.

Sitting Duck was introduced to cult cinema relatively late in life, a solid foundation was laid thanks to a steady diet of science fiction and fantasy novels, as well as exposure to tabletop RPGs. Duck’s first proper encounter with cult cinema was thanks to Mystery Science Theater 3000. As well as the previously mentioned genres, this cinematic waterfowl is receptive to horror (especially Lovecraft), weird westerns, anime, and classic Doctor Who.

ZombieDog is a professor of philosophy and rabid lover of all things off-center. Chicago-born and southern-raised believes that one of the true joys in life is sharing your passions with others — that and a good pizza.

Skip enjoys the silly things in life. To quote Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society, he wants to “suck the marrow out of life”. He does this by seeking out fun things. Outrageous things. Things that make grown men giggle. Cereal Killer in the Cyberdelia. Cpt. Kirk mispronouncing “sabotage.” Mutt and The Monkeys (cool band name, bad Indiana Jones scene). Indiana Jones and the Atomic Refrigerator. Motorcycles at Marshall College. (No seriously though, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is just a ridiculous film.)

Flinthart writes science fiction, fantasy, horror, and just about anything else that people will pay him for. He is (honest to Cthulhu) a 3rd dan black belt in old-school balls-to-the-wall jujutsu, and a Free Scholar in the Stoccata School of Defense (which means he knows what a broadsword is, and is actually capable of killing zombies with such in authentic 16th English style). If you look him up on Amazon and elsewhere, you’ll find a string of short stories, a novel, and a nifty future-history collection that he edited Back In The Day. Flinthart lives in Tasmania (Screw you! It is too real!) and is planning to turn the place into a Free Republic just as soon as he sobers up, which won’t be easy since he brews his own moonshine and makes astonishingly good limoncello…

Like most writers living in Los Angeles, Chad suffers from delusions of grandeur of fame, fortune, and world domination. He writes comic books and wears many tacky flannel shirts. Chad’s writing credits include “The Odyssey,” “Judo Girl,” and “The 10th Muse” for Storm Entertainment. When not tempering his delusions of grandeur, Chad is a major film buff and can be seen visiting major movie landmarks in the hills of Hollywood. As a recovering member of Gen X, Chad also enjoys collecting physical media and has an undying love of ’80s comics and music videos.

Kat is a San Diego native who spends more time watching ridiculous horror movies than spending time in the sun. Working in the craft beer industry and having a penchant for more wacky films has unfortunately resulted in Kat creating a YouTube channel where, you guessed it, you drink and beer and watch a B-movie. After pursuing this for a year, it has now landed Kat in writing for the Mutant Reviewers. What a tangled web we weave. Favorite odd movies include the Bad Ben series and Lake Placid. Also, to her own detriment, Kat is a sucker for Lifetime movies.

Born in a pre-apocalyptic wasteland and raised on a steady diet of creature features, Hammer films, and ‘70s exploitation movies, Drake eschewed the easy life of a professional cribbage player in favor of the manly art of throwing paint at a canvas. When this didn’t lead to fame and fortune, he petulantly threw paint at random passers-by instead, which earned him the enmity of the community-at-large. Now living in whatever random basement he can find, he muses upon the vagaries of existence while scribbling down random thoughts that on occasion are legible enough to be recognized as the reviews of random movies.

Inactive Mutant Roster


Kym was one of the two original co-founders of Mutant Reviewers in 1996. Her passions extended from weird movies to music, Stephen King, and various computer games. In early 1998 Kym parted amiably with the site, which was done by “killing her off” in classic Mutant style.

poolbannerPoolMan was one of the founding pillars of Mutant Reviewers, submitting an impressive array of reviews, ideas and articles for nearly a decade — despite the national handicap of Canada’s 2800-baud modem internet service.


Heather’s transient lifestyle has enabled her to successfully terrorize citizens of Chicago, Japan and San Diego thus far. Heather generally prefers to rent movies, foregoing ticket prices (which are detrimental to her Scroogey tendencies) and avoiding annoying audience members. Non movie-watching hours consist of much DDR-playing, slaving away at menial part-time jobs while working on her degree, and taking care of two balls of evil with legs that most people call “cats”.

albannerAl can always be cheered up with some good science fiction, a few bad action movies, a designer board game or two, and a bunch of old pro wrestling videos from the 90s. He will never not be normal.


Mike was raised in the capital of this great nation where he was weaned on movies, punk rock, ska, fantasy movies, hip hop, comic books, scifi movies, Magic: The Gathering, kung fu movies, generous amounts of beer and movies. Having spent almost the entirety of his life in front of a television set, Mike has achieved a knowledge of pop culture not lightly given to mortal man.

kalebbannerKaleb’s favorite activities include making huge run-on sentences and using too many hyphenated words. He is also afflicted with a rare genetic disorder which prevents him from ever comprehending the rules of colon/semicolon use.

kylebannerKyle was a one-time teenage drama king and one of the longest-running writers for the site. His Californian craziness kept our movies spicy from 1998-2010.

lissabannerLissa holds a black belt in tae kwon do, understands diesel engines, and has her head way too deep in the fantasy world.  She may have been squeamish around horror flicks, but she was all over everything else.

Like all good Garden Staters, Drew loves The Sopranos and (most) Kevin Smith movies, hates out-of-state drivers (himself now included) and the cast of Jersey Shore, and can romp you in skeeball without even trying.

Sue is divorced with two offspring, a duo of ex-racing greyhounds, and a mortgage.  She’s also a bona fide real writer with real published books and everything!

Wolfy is a lover of sci-fi, fantasy, action, and fun, in video games, film, and TV. His deep affection for a variety of goofy films and shows was fostered on a diet on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Saturday morning cartoons from the ’80s and ’90s. As a result, he’s drawn primarily to a lot of the sillier and cheesier pieces of popcorn film and TV. Especially because popcorn is delicious.

eunicebannerEunice was raised on movies — good, bad, and ugly — since before she could remember and only spoke in film quotes until the age of six. While she swears she’s not on the lam, her sixteen moves would seem evidence to the contrary. When released from her cage, she leads a secretive and nomadic lifestyle as she engages in questionable behaviour and pursues her dreams of becoming a pirate, international spy, or prima ballerina.

courtneybannerAn avid reader, Courtney’s one true love in life is Harry Potter. Like, seriously, the girl is obsessed–ask her about Wizard Rock. She also enjoys Greek mythology, the works of Chomsky, and the occasional Happy Dance. Courtney hopes to someday become a director/screen writer/comic artist/vampire slayer.

Deneb  is an aspiring writer (of books and comics both), voice actor, and amateur cartoonist. He is a peculiar little troglodyte, but keeps his head up high. One of these days, he’ll make it, and then all you’ll see of him will be a cloud of dust fading into the distance, accompanied by maniacal laughter. Meanwhile, he wouldn’t say no to gifts of gargoyles or large bags of cash.

Louise is a teacher in the post-industrial heartland of England. She lives in a cave of books, goes on week-long walks, and watches a lot of films. Her favourite films feature explosions, dancing, quirky romance, handsome men (whaddaya mean, ‘shallow’?), songs, period costume and magical MacGuffins.


Joel has been the voice of several organizations for their video and television coverage.  He has been (and will continue to be) and amateur film director…very, very amateur, mind you.  He has crafted misadventures with a webcomic.  He has been Bigfoot and will be again.  But above and beyond all that, above his love for science fiction, fantasy, animation, B-movies and cult movies, he is and always shall be a Kaiju fan.


Yeti was raised by all wolves (females), which lead to his unfaltering love of The Jungle Book and all things “rom com”. After his fiftieth viewing of Cocktail he found his inner Tom Cruise and started bartending. He is currently slinging drinks for  celebrities at a movie theater in Los Angeles. Yes. A movie theater. He was last spotted arguing with Raven-Symone, remarking that Tangled was a better movie than Frozen.

tonibannerToni is something of an enigma to us. This Canadian’s reviews wowed us all — and are carefully preserved in the MRFH vaults for all of history — but she suddenly disappeared and was never heard from again.

andiebannerAndie, a theater actress and all-around bombshell, was with MRFH from 1998 through 2002. In her tenure with the site, Andie reviewed an impressive 102 flicks.

dnabannerDnaError was MRFH’s resident mad scientist and artist. What he lacked in spelling acumen, he made up for in passion and zeal. DnaError reviewed 71 films.


Bobby, a California platinum blonde, was only with us for a short period in 2003. She wrote five reviews before taking off for the wild unknown.

alexbannerAlex, an American living in Denmark, graced us with her presence from 2003-2004. Sharp and insightful, her eight reviews can teach you a thing or two about life in cinema!

clarebannerClare, our fiery-tempered yet sweetly natured Texan was with us for over five years, from 2000-2005. A major voice on the site, particularly through her many articles, Clare brought to the table Sarcastic Woman in full force.

richbannerRich, a limey Brit with a distinct love for all things geek, completed his tour of duty that started in 2003 and went to 2005. Rich’s dry sense of humor and irrepressible nose for digging out great cult films was a boon to the site.

NancyBannerNancy, our snarky Northeastern teen, shone the bright light of Batman fandom on MRFH from 2005-2007. As she entered college, so went with her our hopes, dreams and $20 she stole from the office kitty.

shalenbannerShalen had a love of spiders, bad martial arts flicks and footnotes, and from 2005-08, she rocked our cult world. Wonder what she thinks of all of the new Spider-man movies?

Tom is a game designer and blogger in the greater Austin area where he’s adopted the “Keep Austin Weird” mantra! His tastes extend anywhere from B&W spoofy horror movies to those familiar fan-favorite franchise flicks. His only claims to movie fame include having memorized the rap from Teen Witch, learning how to count to 13 in Hindi thanks to Tezaab, and being haunted still by a 1969 film named Dirkie.


  1. Love your site-would like to follow it, but the RSS doesn’t work. If you repair it, please let me know!

    • Thank you, Brenda. I let our big boss man know and we hope to have an answer for you soon. In the meantime, you can keep up with us on our Twitter. Just search Mutant Reviewers.

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