Dead Snow (2009)

dead snow

“That is why one must tread gently. There is an evil presence, an evil one does not want to awake.”

The Scoop: 2009 NR, directed by Tommy Wirkola and starring Lasse Valdal, Vegar Hoel, Charlotte Frogner, and Stig Frode Henriksen

Tagline: Ein! Zwei! Die!

Summary Capsule: Eight college students. One isolated cabin. Lots of überzombie Nazis.


Eunice’s rating: “A group of friends go to a cabin in the middle of nowhere,” is a doomed scenario for any characters…

Eunice’s review: I wanted to see Dead Snow ever since I first saw its trailer. Why? Two words: Nazi zombies. Nazi. Zombies. A concept so over the top it had to be ridiculous. And yet…

We open with a young woman being attack by something in snow covered mountains at night. Cut to two cars full of seven friends. Medical students on Easter break, they have decided to spend it hanging out in the mountains. Here we are introduced to them as follows: The quiet solid guy, the serious guy, the jock type, the horny movie nerd, the serious guy and jock type’s girlfriends (respectively), and the single party girl. They’re going to meet up with an eighth, quiet guy’s girlfriend, who is into cross-country skiing and went on ahead, but when they arrive she’s not there yet (I’ll give you three guesses what happened to her).

So the first night they’re there a crusty old guy shows up and tells them a spooky story about a group of Nazis that ran into the mountains with stolen treasure at the end of WWII. They were so full of evil that they still haunt the mountains, and the kids should be careful not to awaken the evil. Well of course they think he’s crazy, because who believes in evil?

Remember when horror could be fun in its own gory way, while still being scary?

A Norwegian made movie, Dead Snow is a throwback to the elimination slasher flicks of the ’80s with heaping handfuls of cult zombie. The group splits up, sex = death, cursed doodads are found in basements, and — oh, yes — there be chainsaws. And, yeah, it is good.

No twisted psych cases here, the bad guys are Nazi zombies who are undead because they’re too evil to die. There’s a kind of raw brutality to the violence and a creativity to the kills that I haven’t seen since the days of Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees.

It did change the heroes. While they start out as stereotypes, I was able to remember the characters’ names by the end of the movie. When they actually start fighting the zombies, I found myself rooting for them. They actually do things that aren’t stupid (they still do dumb things too, but give ’em a break, a modicum of intelligence in an elimination flick is well nigh unheard of), they have a strong will of survival, and a little bravery and loyalty. I really wanted four out of eight to live.

But then there’s the cult zombie side of things. It loves, LOVES, it some Evil Dead trilogy and Dead Aliv. Loves. With the inventive kills going for the zombies too, it has weird moments of humor, most of them dark. And is just as gory and insane as those movies. I’m not squeamish, but I had to watch through my fingers a couple of times. Just a warning, this ain’t for everyone, if squishy organs bother you I advise you look elsewhere.

Dead Snow made me jump a few times, surprised me with some things I didn’t see coming, made me smile, and feel kinda queasy at points. Who could ask for a more complete cult movie experience than that?

Oh, and one more time — Nazi zombies!



  • Guys, some romance advice: Holding a pillow over your girlfriend’s face is NOT the height of hilarity. Double not funny when she’s claustrophobic. M’kay?
  • Will they never learn?! Crazy old people always know what’s going on!
  • No matter what the world’s differences, remember we are all united by one thing: Bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonations
  • Okay, more than all the intestines, outhouse sex may be the most disgusting thing in this movie
  • You don’t want to mess with a dude who can sew his own throat back together
  • As of this review director Tommy Wirkola is working on Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. Can not wait.

Groovy Quotes

Erlend: I need to ask you: How many movies start with a group of friends on a trip to a cabin with no cell phone signal?

The Wanderer: That is why one must tread gently. There is an evil presence, an evil one does not want to awake.

Erlend: “Fortune and glory, kid.”

Erlend: Don’t get bitten! Don’t get bitten, okay?

Roy: We should have gone to the beach like I told you!

Roy: Where the **** did you get a machine gun from?
Vegard: Well… I’ve been busy.

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