Six comedy movie road trips

When you feel wanderlust propelling you out of your front door and into the wild unknown, use one of these road trip movies as guidance for your misadventures:


From our review: “With robot mimes, Lucy Lawless in leather, old naked men, very forward Italian gropers, Pope abuse, Hitler wanna-bes, and *gasp* eastern Europe, Eurotrip is quite the larf in your spaghetti. I think you’d be pleasantly thrilled to find this comedy-that-actually-has-comedy if you take a chance on it.”

Road Trip

From our review: “I will not deny that Road Trip is outrageous and tasteless, but it’s also loaded with genuinely funny moments and quotes. It’s still hard to recommend, though, because it really leaned hard into the nudity and gross bits far more than was necessary for laughs. Lump it in with that era of American Pie, Eurotrip, and Dude, Where’s My Car as an exhibit of Hollywood’s awkward puberty phase.”

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

From our review: “There were moments that had me gasping, they were so funny. There were points where I didn’t even really get what the joke was. And for whatever reason, the producers throw in a super-depressing ending, only to scoop it at the last second with a paltry homecoming scene to lighten the mood. But across the board, Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Submarines, Space Shuttles, and Pogo Sticks was pretty fun. All aboooooooard!”

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

From our review: “How can a grown man acting like an eight-year-old in a grey suit and red bow-tie climb to the very pinnacle of the echelons of entertainment? Debate it amongst yourselves all you like, but however it came about, it can’t be denied. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure marks the height of Pee Wee mania. It also marks the major directoral breakout of Tim Burton. How do you like them potatoes, sonny boy?”

Dumb and Dumber

From our review: “The question this film brings to your table is, how dumb can these two get? You’d be surprised. It gets so bad and out there that one might be tempted to claim that there is not a single human alive with such reduced mental capacity who hasn’t drowned in an inch of water yet.”

National Lampoon’s Vacation

From our review: “This being something between a road trip movie and a Tolkein-esque quest to find Wally World (I suppose Disney wasn’t as loose with their copyright infringement as they are now). The Griswald family alone are enough to hold the movie — but everyone they encounter just send this film into ClassicLand.”

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