Six ’90s superhero movies that aren’t Batman or Blade

The 1990s weren’t as rife with superhero flicks as we have today, but there were attempts even so. Here are six of them that don’t start with “Batman” or “Blade:”

Steel (1997)

From our review: “While it never stops being mildly entertaining watching the rest of the cast speaking to the general vicinity of Shaq’s naval, he never gives us much of a reason to look up, either.”

Spawn (1997)

From our review: “It’s clear that there wasn’t the production budget or technology to do this the right way, but you know what? They clearly tried — and sometimes got a lot closer than they had any right to.”

Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (1998)

From our review: “Barely restrained anger makes up for 90% of his character traits, with the remaining 10% or so saved for gross incompetence. Let’s just be glad he decided to retire to work in an abandoned mine and not in a kindergarten class or veterinarian clinic.”

The Phantom (1996)

From our review: “I won’t lie: It did take a little while to get past the rather ridiculous and impractical purple outfit, but when I did, I kind of became utterly charmed by the old fashioned adventurous spirit.”

Doctor Mordrid (1992)

From our review: “Unfortunately, Doctor Mordrid just doesn’t have the budget to go the distance. It’s a shockingly short movie at 71 minutes, doesn’t spend enough time getting into the facets of the magic or the titular character, and only features a single magical duel.”

Captain America (1990)

From our review: “No one aspect of Captain America is by far and away the worst; it’s an ensemble effort of mediocrity and shoddy effort. The screenplay takes a can’t-fail concept of a classic superhero with decades of story behind his belt and then fails it spectacularly.”

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