Six essential cult movies from 1981

Join us as we march through the ’80s and ’90s to identify the six most essential cult movies to see from any given year. Today we’re moving deeper into the ’80s with 1981 and our half-dozen recommendations:

Heavy Metal

From our review: “The movie stays true to it’s origins, keeping the hand-drawn look. I like the hand-drawn look not cause it’s really good or original, but because it’s so rare nowadays. This messy, pencil and rotoscoped style simply doesn’t exist in a world of CG-cells, digital paint and clean-line anime.”

Evil Dead

From our review: “Ash is my favorite here. He is hilarious in the fact that he is impeccably dumb, not too witty or cool, genuinely freaked out (I’m ninety-nine percent sure Bruce Campbell was honestly afraid during a lot of the scenes shown here) aaand still way hip, in my book.”

Escape from New York

From our review: “With our growly one-eyed anti-hero, the film goes up a good letter grade, from sirloin to prime rib. Russell obviously enjoys being the grumpy, reluctant action hero, and rarely raises his voice above a raspy whisper even when he’s mowing down hordes of crazies on the streets.”

The Road Warrior

From our review: “Road Warrior isn’t ever going to be remembered for sparkling dialogue or breathtakingly beautiful cinematography, but it does unabashedly examine many ways in which sharp projectiles, barbed wire and moving vehicles can ruin your whole day.”

Time Bandits

From our review: “Despite its flaws, Time Bandits is definitely worth your time. It’s a pretty good fantasy flick with more than a healthy amount of Python-flavored satire and sensibility thrown into the mix for good measure.”

An American Werewolf in London

From our review: “From the opening banter between David and Jack to the odd behavior of pretty much everyone in the film, American Werewolf puts its slobbery tongue in its cheek and enjoys making us laugh as much as scream.”

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