’90s space-faring adventures

Blast off into the final frontier with these six space-faring flicks from the 1990s!

Lost in Space (1998)

From our review: “The filmmakers got so concerned with making a considerably uncool sci-fi franchise hip again that the story doesn’t just take the backseat — it gets out of the car and hitchhikes to a scifi flick with an actual premise.”

Wing Commander (1999)

From our review: “What surprised me the most about Wing Commander, though, was its slower pacing. A movie about spaceships would almost always lend itself to being more bombastic and action-packed, screaming from fight set piece to fight set piece, but a great deal of this movie was very… well, naval in the way it approached space stuff.”

Space Truckers (1996)

From our review: “Even though this movie is loaded with all the cheese that you’d expect from a film about blue-collar cargo haulers who eat hot dogs and drink beer on the way into port, Space Truckers is far better crafted than such a topic deserves.”

Galaxy Quest (1999)

From our review: “See cool space battles! Marvel at an away team mission to the surface of an alien planet! Gaze upon the best special effects I’ve seen outside of certain crap Lucas films!”

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999)

From our review: “For every one contained fury like Darth Maul, there are seven Prozac addicts who walk around with bored looks. Maybe that had something to do with talking to CGI characters who weren’t really there, making it hard to avoid talking to the non-moving trees in the distance.”

Star Trek: First Contact (1996)

From our review: “Incidentally, how annoying must it be, to wallop someone and, then, just when you start congratulating yourself, they open a flipping wormhole and travel through time!!! Some people are just bad losers.”

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