Mouse Hunt (1997) — Who had that amazing board game?

“He’s Hitler with a tail. He’s ‘The Omen’ with whiskers. Even Nostradamus didn’t see him coming!”

DnaError’s rating: A squirting flower of fun

DnaError’s review: Mouse Hunt just flew under everyone’s radar. Maybe people thought it was a real-life version of the infamous, unworkable board game. Who knows? I any case, I only caught mouse hunt due to do luck and not having anything to watch, and I so glad I did.

Mouse Hunt is the story of two string fortune heirs who gets down on their luck and end up with an inherited mansion. All is fine until they find an unexpected tenant, a plucky little brown mouse who isn’t giving up his house without a fight.

Sound like a Warner Brother Carton premise? It should, as Mouse Hunt is a variable treasure chest of cartoon gags, from huge Wily E. Coyote traps to pun-riddled dialogue. It’s so over the top and goofy, colorful, outright ZANY in parts that you can’t help but smile.

Nothing here is new, including the stoic exterminator, the dopey-but-good-natured brother and his arrogant, bossy sibling (just real life versions of Warner Brothers mice whose names I can’t recall) but it perfectly mimics capturing the spirt and tempo of animation. (Why they didn’t just use animation is one question, but I digress.)

It’s as if the Cohen brothers wanted to homage Chuck Jones AND beat up Nathan Lane in the process. It plays out like a lost Bugs Bunny cartoon, but in real life… and Bugs is a mouse. Well, the spirt is the same anyway, and it’s the spirt that makes yah laugh. Never vulgar or crude, and wacky to the core, Mouse Hunt is a fun time with some old ideas.

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