Six dorky dinosaur movies you must watch

Let’s face it — not every dinosaur movie is destined to be Jurassic Park! Today, we’ll look at six dorky dinosaur movies that are all about bad rubber suits, claymation, and clowning around:

Tammy and the T-Rex

From our review: “Because what we have here is a movie that was solely made because the writer and director got unfettered access to a T. Rex animatronic and wrote an entire movie around it.”

Planet of the Dinosaurs

From our review: “It’s as if I can hear a full cadre of animated clay dinosaurs growling their hideous dino-laughs in the direction of Star Wars. GWAAARRRAARRRRRRAAAAHA HA HA HAAAA!”

Theodore Rex

From our review: “The best I can describe Theodore Rex’s vibe is that it’s kind of a mix of that old Dinosaurs sitcom, Howard the Duck, and the Super Mario Bros. movie with a bit of Demolition Man’s clunky cyberpunk future.”


From our review: “This Roger Corman production makes me proud to be a film lover. In a shameless attempt to earn a quick buck, Carnosaur was thrown together and launched into theaters before that other dinosaur movie hit the screens in 1993.”

My Science Project

From our review: “Maybe it does save all its best ammo for the last half-hour, but when you get there, it’s a blast as the kids wander through a school fighting dinosaurs, neanderthals, Roman gladiators, and post-apocalyptic mutants with Vietnam War weapons.”

House II: The Second Story

From our review: “Here, the forces of the skull are causing time rifts in various rooms — ‘You see this in old houses all the time,’ Bill says — and so we get glimpses into places like the dinosaur age and the Old West as the events progress.”

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