Six unabashed Die Hard knock-offs

Die Hard’s immense popularity spawned its own sub-genre, lovingly called “Die Hard in a…” Today, let’s take a look at six of the most unabashed knock-offs to follow in the wake of John McClane:

Under Siege (1992)

From our review: “If you’ve run out of all the big budget powerhouses and yet don’t want to sink down to the level of Dolph Lundgren, make this your next stop.”

Skyscraper (1996)

From our review: “I can’t imagine John McClane giving a lift to Hans Gruber while ignoring all of the blood stains and sinister grins, but that’s what you get when you use a Groupon on air travel.”

Sudden Death (1995)

From our review: “I suspect that actual truth is that the screenwriters really wanted a movie where JCVD beat a Pittsburgh Penguins mascot to death and then reverse-engineered the plot from there.”

Dredd (2012)

From our review: “Taking it for what it was, it actually was a decent and surprisingly bloody flick that kept the plot small and tight so that the action sequences could proceed without distraction.”

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

From our review: “I always had a soft spot for Dark Territory ever since seeing it in the theaters back in college. ‘Die Hard on a train’ is a solid premise that adds the element of speed and movement.”

Icebreaker (1999)

From our review: “I give you… Bruce Campbell vs. Sean Astin! Ash vs. Sam The Hobbit! The Wrestling Announcer From Spider-Man vs. Rudy! The Human Chin vs. A Goonie!”

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