Ranking all of the Star Trek TV show theme songs

With all of the newer Star Trek shows coming on the air these days, the library of theme songs for the whole franchise has grown considerably. For fun, today I’m going to rank all of the Trek themes from best to worst — including its newest one, Star Trek: Prodigy. Let’s get started!

Worst: Star Trek: The Animated Series

I don’t know why they felt the need to monkey with the classic theme, but they did — and in the process splattered ’70s disco all over it. It’s an abomination that sounds like a parody of a Star Trek theme for the lounge lizard generation. At least it’s short?

Star Trek: The Original Series

Yeah, call me a heretic, but since we’re only looking at the theme songs and not the actual show, I can admit that the original series theme (apart from the first 20 seconds or so) is pure cheeseball ’60s silliness.

Star Trek: Picard

Well, if you need music to depress you, I guess this’ll do the job? Some background music in a funeral home? It’s such a lackluster theme that I can’t get worked up to talk about it any more.

Star Trek: Enterprise (Mirror Universe)

This is a one-shot theme that was used for the Mirror Universe episodes. But it played as the opening credits, so it counts! It’s fine — darker, for sure — and an instrumental switch-up from the normal song.

Star Trek: Discovery

It’s… fine? That’s the best I can say about this. From the first time I heard it, I thought that it came off as very middle-of-the-road. It’s certainly not that exciting, failing in the job of getting us pumped up for the hour to come. But considering what Discovery actually offers, maybe that’s appropriate.

Star Trek: Enterprise

The Enterprise themes are highly controversial in the Star Trek fandom. I might be cast out for saying this, but I really dug the use of “Faith of the Heart” for the opening montage. It was different, sure, but I didn’t mind it as much as some.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

While this theme is certainly powerful in its own right, I’ve always found it slow and overly long. I liked the punched-up version from the later seasons, so that’s what I’m including here.

Star Trek: Lower Decks

This kind of sounds like generic Star Trek, but it’s still a lot better than the previous entries on this list. I like that it has pep in its step, though!

Star Trek: The Next Generation

This is definitely an “oldie” at this point, but this repurposed theme from The Motion Picture is still thrilling to hear. So much of my childhood is wrapped up in this theme, because it was trumpeting an hour of high adventure to come.

Star Trek: Prodigy

Michael Giacchino’s latest theme for this Nickelodeon series absolutely knocked it out of the park. It’s instantly exciting, hummable, and adds those classic Star Trek notes at the end as a cherry on top of an exciting sundae. Very great stuff.

Best: Star Trek: Voyager

Say what you will about the series itself, the theme song is flat-out amazing. I remember rushing to the store to find this soundtrack when the show first came out, and I was not disappointed on listening to it multiple times. In my opinion, there’s none better.

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