Six movies to put you in the Halloween spirit

Looking for movies that are drenched in Halloween atmosphere and spirit? Here are six films that encapsulate October 31st better than most!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

From our review: “He has a guest voice that comes in any time the movie launches into song and dance (about every six minutes) and mopes around all depressed that Halloween is depressing. Throwing the entire Halloweenland into chaos, Jack stumbles upon Christmasland and promptly takes it over.”

Hocus Pocus

From our review: “I do love Hocus Pocus because it captures brilliantly my wonder at my first autumn in America. The look of it – the autumnal forests, the big houses, and of course, the Halloween celebrations.”

Trick ‘r Treat

From our review: “Trick ‘r Treat has five, five gruesome, creepy yarns that take place on the same October 31st in a small Ohio town.  Like any really good ghost story told around a campfire, these have the right combination of macabre, black humor, unexpected reversals of fortune, and dark justice to make it something that will stick with you until the sun comes back up.”


From our review: “The main draw of Beetlejuice isn’t the characters – it’s the typically bizarre atmosphere that Burton creates. The afterlife waiting room and its freaky inhabitants, the desert of sandworms, the various hauntings and their aftermaths – this is what we watch Burton movies for, and the film delivers in spades.”

The Monster Squad

From our review: “What’s important is that as a kid, this was one of the very few movies I found scary enough to be worth watching for genuine thrills, but funny enough that I wasn’t diving behind pillows like Lissa at a shark movie.”

The Addams Family

From our review: “The director, Barry Sonnenfeld, creates a Burton-equse world for the Addams to live in, dark, ghoulish, and endlessly funny.”

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