Stalker (2022) – Tense, claustrophobic, and slightly sweaty

“I will talk to you any f**k way I choose”

Kat’s rating: If you’ve ever taken acid with a stranger where nothing really happened for about an hour but then really bad things happened, you can skip this film.

Kat’s review: Stalker had me experience a plethora of emotions from anger, boredom, what-the-f**kery, and more.

The first couple of scenes were like a public service announcement for women: Don’t be too polite to random men, trust your gut, and never take an elevator during a rainstorm. But if you do that last one, make sure to bring a flask and pressure your new elevator buddy to drink from it.

This entire movie takes place in a freight elevator with only two characters, which made it feel like an off-Broadway play. The focus is on the actress and her “stalker,” who starts off as a socially awkward guy that you almost feel sorry for. Slowly but surely the mask starts to lift and his creepiness seeps through.

Fair warning here, as there is a ton of dragged-on dialogue. Maybe 95% of this film is just these two stuck in an elevator making forced awkward conversation.

As the film progresses, the elevator sneaks in a few death drops, our “stalker” aggressively sucks on his inhaler, and our actress offers up her flask like it’s her job. While watching Stalker, I found myself starting to feel bad for this guy. He has this childlike nervousness that borders on charming. It’s soon revealed that our “stalker” is a cameraman for the same movie that our actress is currently working on! Coincidence? I think not! This added layer of information doesn’t phase our actress too much, and we continue on.

If you make it through the hour of pitiful attempts to pass time in this ancient broken-down elevator, then congratulations. You’ve just entered The Twilight Zone. Within two minutes what you felt to be true is completely flipped around. It’s like a dark and confusing dream where you’re stuck and can’t run or scream. Bright red lighting and building music add to this feeling of dread and paranoia.

Truly, I was so lost during the last 20 minutes. We’re getting sharp contrasting flashbacks, new secrets exposed, horrific displays of girl boss energy, and MAYBE some slight BDSM. Who knows.

Overall, Stalker is a fun ride with two severely psychologically troubled characters. The music and lighting used in the film are top-notch and create an intense and wildly uncomfortable experience. And let’s be real, any movie that can make a small cramped elevator feel like a haunted house is worth a watch.

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