Welcome ZombieDog to Mutant Reviewers!

Today we want to welcome a new writer to the Mutant Reviewers team, ZombieDog! He’s a philosophy professor with a side passion for cult films. I’ll let him introduce himself:

Over the years I have truly developed a profound love for cult films, b-movies, and independent cinema. I grew up in the period of Night Flight (1981-1988), which was primarily focused on counterculture with a heavy dose of b-movies. I furthered my cult movie love by embracing IFC (The Independent Film Channel) in the ’90s, and I even owned an early satellite dish where I would search for weirdness through multiple geosynchronous satellites.

A b-movie is a secret in a certain sense, an inside joke that only a very few people get or understand. They also cherish it because it represents a hidden gem or treasure. One of the problems is that there’s so much being produced today, and to be fair, a decent cult film is kind of a happy accident that captures a vibe that allows you to get absorb into the couch and lose all sense of time.

I am a massive fan of older movies. In fact, I’ll go as far back as the Silent Age to search out interesting films. I think it’s a form of nostalgia mixed with a kind of historical editing which makes it appear as though films were better “back then.” To tell the truth, a cult film it needs time to find an audience. That doesn’t mean we can’t look at a film and anticipate that in the future it may find its audience. It’s just that the better films seem to stick around a bit longer and float to the top.

I truly cherish the classic cult films, but my mission also is to find new and wonderful experiences.

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