Six Albert Pyun flicks that put the fun in cult

Albert Pyun might not be a household name, but this director’s sat in the chair of many fun — yet imperfect — cult flicks over the years. Here are six to get you started:

Alien from L.A. (1988)

From our review: “In today’s review, we’ll take a trip with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition superstar Kathy Ireland as she headlined her first movie. Naturally, it had everything to do with Atlantis, mole men, and the most annoying voice ever affected.”

Captain America (1990)

From our review: “The screenplay takes a can’t-fail concept of a classic superhero with decades of story behind his belt and then fails it spectacularly. The actors seem surprised to be caught on camera, more playing along with ‘movie making’ than doing anything real.”

Dollman (1991)

From our review: “It’s all so exceedingly strange that it keeps the audience from growing restless or turning to modern action movies that don’t have a creative bone in their bodies. I just wish that Dollman had a few more million in its pockets to do this idea right. It ultimately falters and fails because of that.”

Nemesis (1993)

From our review: “Black trench coats. Characters wearing sunglasses all the time, everywhere they go. Firefights that leave you incredulous as the world at large is shot up and exploded. Guns akimbo. Conspiracies and augmented humans. Nemesis has all these and more.”

Nemesis 2: Nebula (1995)

From our review: “So what we have here is a rather roundabout Terminator clone (with a dash of Predator), only with a heroine — confusingly also named Alex (Sue Price) — who could clearly crush my skull with one of her hands.”

Nemesis 3: Time Lapse (1996)

From our review: “There’s no easy way to get around this, but, yes, this whole movie is an extended flashback. I don’t know if I’ve made my position on flashbacks clear, but as a narrative device, I’m not a fan — especially when they go on and on and on.”

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