Six cyberpunk movies that’ll jack you into the matrix

Mash together gritty settings, body modification, future tech, film noir, and continent-sweeping cities to make yourself some cyberpunk stew. Here are six movies that look at the seedier side of the future:

Blade Runner (1982)

From our review: “Ridley Scott’s visual sense is at it’s best here, drawing inspiration from Mayan temples to microchip design. It makes sense that almost every sci-fi movie/TV show has used Decker’s apartment background at one point?”

Upgrade (2018)

From our review: “Grey isn’t the only cyborg on the playing field, either. Several of the bad guys have their own various modifications, from in-built guns to X-ray vision to scythe-wielding nanomachines. The tech of this movie is truly cool… if terrifying.”

Ghost in the Shell (1995)

From our review: “This movie was really, really cool. It was also screwed up like nobody’s business. I mean yikes… people’s bodies being more than 80% synthetic? Artificial eyes/hands/heads/brains? People spontaneously exploding under heavy gunfire? Chicks who strip all their clothes off and turn invisible?”

Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future  (1985)

From our review: “I really thought this would be more of a vehicle for a wisecracking character, but Max Headroom himself is only in the last quarter of the film and isn’t the main focus. I think what they were trying to go for here was a dystopian cyberpunk story and stumbled upon surprising success with this side creation.”

Nemesis (1993)

From our review: “Black trench coats. Characters wearing sunglasses all the time, everywhere they go. Firefights that leave you incredulous as the world at large is shot up and exploded. Guns akimbo. Conspiracies and augmented humans. Nemesis had all these and more.”

Split Second (1992)

From our review: “Split Second is exactly the sort of movie that deserved to be remembered after it was here-and-gone in early 1992. What you’ll find here is a startlingly good cyberpunk film noir tale that’s as daring as it is cheesy, as good-looking as it is bloody.”

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