Mutant Reviewers welcomes Sitting Duck to the team!

Star Trek and Degrassi High both got their “next generations,” and so we too are ushering in the latest class of cult movie watchers. Today we’re very pleased to welcome Sitting Duck to the writing staff here at Mutant Reviewers!

You may know Sitting Duck from the many comments that this cinematic waterfowl has left on our various review pages. We’re looking forward to reading Duck’s first review later today, but for now, here’s the skinny:

While I was introduced to cult cinema relatively late in life, a solid foundation was laid thanks to a steady diet of science fiction and fantasy novels, as well as exposure to tabletop RPGs. My first proper encounter with cult cinema was thanks to Mystery Science Theater 3000. As well as the previously mentioned genres, I’m receptive to horror (especially Lovecraft), weird westerns, anime, and classic Doctor Who.

Again, welcome! And if you are looking on with envy and wondering what it takes to become a Mutant Reviewer yourself, it’s surprisingly easy — here’s all of the key information you’ll need to get you started down a path of madness, movies, and mockery.

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