6 cult movies from public domain fairy tales

If you’re a Hollywood screenwriter with no imagination, then never fear — there are always zero-cost public domain fairy tales to plunder! Here are six cult films that draw on familiar stories:

Snow White: A Tale of Terror

From our review: “Seriously, there’s something about watching Sigourney Weaver spinning around and laughing gleefully while holding a heart and then hacking up what she thought were human organs that warms the cockles of my heart.”

A Cinderella Story

From our review: “Despite giving an ‘old school’ fairy tale a ‘fresh, hip’ makeover, A Cinderella Story is an embarrassment of stupidity all around. The fairy tale connections actually work against the film, because you’re constantly trying to second-guess how they’re going to work in the fairy godmother or the glass slipper into modern-day conventions. ”

The Beautician and the Beast

From our review: “We know from the outset that Dalton’s character, Boris Pochenko, is a bad man. We know this because of his bristly mustache, starched uniform and the way he growls at people. No, that wasn’t a metaphor. He really growls.”

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

From our review: “See, the two kids realize that they’re really pretty good at this whole witch-killing thing. And as it happens, they wind up running into, and killing, another witch – and another – and another. They start to build up a reputation…”

The Company of Wolves

From our review: “The usual symbolic gang is here: Red, blood, flowers, swords, snow. And anyone who’s ever bothered to look deeper at fairytales knows that good girls ‘don’t stray from the path.’ So pretty much everything has to do with sexuality and growing into adulthood.”

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

From our review: “And then we get to the Pinocchio metaphor. Now, as an English major, I appreciate a good (or bad) metaphor just as much as anyone else, but that’s only when it’s done subtly, or with a deft hand, or whenever I brutalize one in the name of comedy.”

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