Six cult movies that take place on airplanes

Put your theater seats in their full and upright position and lock your snack tables, because we’re about to take off to the culty skies with six movies that primarily took place on airplanes:


From our review: “It’s a perfect combination of spoof and flat-out humor and though it has inspired countless movies since, I’ve yet to see one that lives up to Airplane!‘s high standard of farce. So see the film that set the bar high, but realize you’ll probably have to see it twice just to get everything.”

Airplane II: The Sequel

From our review: “Airplane II isn’t a horrendous film, and even contains enough laughs to make it passable entertainment on a Saturday afternoon cable TV spree. It’s just that there’s really no new meat here that Airplane! didn’t already serve up.”

The Langoliers

From our review: “In the movie, 10 strangers awaken amidst their flight from LA to Boston. All the other passengers are gone — as are the crew and the pilots. The plane is fine and luckily one of the survivors is a pilot. At first they assume that the plane landed and everybody else got off, but the pilot points out that there’s no way a plane could land or take off without a pilot.”

Die Hard 2: Die Harder

From our review: “Also, it’s kind of a shame that we lose the claustrophobia of the original. Instead of being confined to the building with the bad guys, the action sprawls around all over the place, in the airport, outside of the airport… there’s even enough room for a (snicker) snowmobile chase!”


From our review: “As the movie starts, a passenger jet is in the process of flying to… well, somewhere or other; it’s never said. The point is that it’s flying, and then all of a sudden, due to a rather startling mid-air collision, it’s not flying anymore.”

Final Destination

From our review: “For my money, the first 20 minutes of Final Destination is a collection of about the most gut-wrenching scenes ever committed to film. Since the trailers give it away, I guess it’s no major spoiler to tell you that an airline flight, carrying (among others) 46 members of a high school class on their way to France, explodes on takeoff.”

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