Cult Hero of the Week: Drew Struzan

What do Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, E.T., Harry Potter, First Blood, Hellboy, Police Academy, The Shawshank Redemption, Blade Runner, Hook and The Goonies all have in common?

Drew Struzan.

While only the more nerdy among us know Struzan by name, most of us probably know him by his work: his iconic illustrated posters of hit films.  While illustrated movie posters are a dying breed, Struzan’s works remain some of the best-known of all time.

Struzan is a wide-ranging artist, with plenty of album covers and comic book art under his belt.  However, his lush and detailed movie posters put him on the map — and in the eyes of many big-name moviemakers, such as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.  In fact, Struzan’s first big break was when he was called in to help design and illustrate the posters for Star Wars, which began a long collaboration between Struzan and the franchise (he’s done all six of the film’s posters).  Struzan is a bit of a recluse, preferring to work from his home studio than give public interviews, which is why his name is not as well-known in pop culture as it should be.

To honor him today, we award Drew Struzan Cult Hero of the Week.  Here are my personal five favorite Struzan posters:

For more info, consult your local library or click these links:


  1. Great cult hero choice, Justin! It’s nice to see Struzan get some love here. I think the Goonies is one of my favorite all-time posters. It really draws me in so that I almost feel as if I’m looking down at the kids dangling there.

  2. Great choice! Reading this made me look around my room to see how many Struzan posters I have. 2 full sized, and at least 6 postcard sized. I love the Goonies too, but my favorite might be Back to the Future. Every time I think of the series, that image is what pops in my head.

  3. I share your admiration for Drew. He did many wonderful Star Wars posters however he did not paint the one you show on your page. It happens to be by british artist Tom Chantrell.

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