Welcome to Mutant Reviewers: The Next Generation!

assureyouOkay, we’re not going to go with that name — we’re still the tried-and-true Mutant Reviewers From Hell, the same as we ever were since 1997.  But this does represent the big next step for MRFH, the move to a completely new blog, a “do over” in many respects.

So why the move?  Back in December of 2008, we made the decision to transition MRFH from a straight-up website (where review pages took 30-45 minutes to format properly, and were starting to look a bit creaky with age) to a blog format (where all of the mutants could easily create, format and publish posts).  Unfortunately, putting a blog on Yahoo’s servers created huge amounts of lag for the site, causing pages to take literally minutes to load, not to mention the huge amounts of frustration and lost reviews on behalf of the staff.  It got to the point where we felt as if Mutant Reviewers was slipping away from us, and we wanted to combat that before it got even worse.

armyofdarknessThus, a move to a completely stable, fast and slick platform — WordPress.com.  The “do over” part of this move is that we cannot easily move the thousands and thousands of articles and reviews here, at least, not all at once, and so we are rebuilding the site from scratch.  The huge upshot of all this is that you will be seeing two things on a regular, daily basis:

1. New reviews and articles by the dedicated Mutant staff, and

2. “Retro” reviews and articles from the past 12 years, reformatted, cleaned up and presented once again for your reading pleasure.

Our focus is on getting to you great content without making you wait for it, and to grow MRFH’s presence and readership across the internet.   We have a LOT of work ahead of us, and you should expect to see refinements continue in the coming months.

Whether you are a faithful reader or a new friend, we hope that you bookmark us or add us to your RSS reader, and enjoy our continued exploration into the wonderful world of cult cinema (and TV!) for years to come.


The Mutants



  1. I agree, that’s a pretty sweet banner, and i’m glad the site’s gonna be faster, because i’ve noticed how slow it’s been lately. That said, i’m really going to miss the old site. i’ve been reading the site for 4 years now, and aside from the content, one thing i liked about it was that it had it’s own look, that was unlike any other film review sites. i suppose change is necessary though, so good for you guys. i’ll still be a loyal reader.

  2. Maybe you said this and I didn’t read closely enough (it’s happened before), but will there be a mutant forum here at the new site, or will that stay over at the old one?

  3. Sorry guys, haven’t been a fan since you changed to the new blog format. It just felt too generic like any other site on the web and I think lost its charm. Good luck in your latest move.

    By the way, I just saw a film that I think surpasses The Doom Generation as the worst film ever made. It’s called Deadgirl, made in 2008. Look it up, I DARE you. Horrible repugnant movie.

    • Didn’t the format basically stay the same? And as for the details, like The Color Green, which we all miss, they said they’re not set in stone yet.

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