Welcome Kat to Mutant Reviewers!

Put your mutant flippers together and make those wet squishy sounds of enthusiastic approval as you welcome Kat to the Mutant Reviewers team! She’s apparently unafraid to wade into the depths of weird horror movies among others, and we’re glad to have her join us on the site.

Kat is a San Diego native who spends more time watching ridiculous horror movies than spending time in the sun. Working in the craft beer industry and having a penchant for more wacky films has unfortunately resulted in Kat creating a YouTube channel where, you guessed it, you drink and beer and watch a B-movie. After pursuing this for a year, it has now landed Kat in writing for the Mutant Reviewers. What a tangled web we weave. Favorite odd movies include the Bad Ben series and Lake Placid. Also, to her own detriment, Kat is a sucker for Lifetime movies.

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