Six kids vs. adults flicks

There are few things that kids love seeing in movies than other kids getting one up on adults! Here are six movies where Kid Power wins the day:

Home Alone (1990)

From our review: “The Wet Bandits (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) have decided that his rich-looking home is the perfect target for some Christmas Eve thievery — and the only thing that stands between them and success is one kid who apparently has no problems with bringing lethal and sadistic force against home invaders.”

Remote (1993)

From our review: “Randy gets himself trapped in an attic and can’t think of any way to get out, so he amuses himself by making the bad guys’ lives a living hell. But all through this, Randy is kind of a neutral presence — he’s not cracking jokes, he’s not afraid, he’s not anything other than necessary to the plot.”

The Rescue (1988)

From our review: “As a parent, this sends me into mental conniptions. I haven’t had the ‘If I’m captured by North Koreans, I expressly forbid you from mounting a rescue with your schoolyard chums’ talk with my children yet, but I assure you that it will happen before the day is through.”

Red Dawn (1984)

From our review: “These teens form a band of guerilla fighters called the Wolverines (a tribute to their high school team), and naturally proceed to trounce the Russian military time and again. Once again, movies teach us that an untrained 13-year-old behind the trigger of a Colt pistol is more effective than an entire platoon of Soviet armor.”

Camp Nowhere (1994)

From our review: “As a somewhat-maturing adult, it’s unsettling to go back and watch movies targeted to kids, starring kids. Not because of a lost sense of nostalgia or due to any juvenile antics, but because these sorts of movies portray children with a creepy, Village of the Damned superiority versus grownups.”

The Goonies (1985)

From our review: “This is every 12-year-old girl’s dream. Getting to go on this great adventure through caves and waterfalls and slides and a pirate ship with hot guys. What more could you want?”

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