Jawbreaker (1999) — Heathers 2, this isn’t

“I killed the teen dream. Deal with it.”

DnaError’s rating: Sour center wrapped in a thin candy shell.

DnaError’s review: There is nothing more depressing then a movie that starts out great and then just… plops. The first 20 minutes or so of Jawbreaker are a delightfully dark feast. The too-hip-for-the-planet girls trying to cover up the accidental murder of a friend. The pale-faced, red-lipped va-va-va voom Courtney (Rose McGowan) delivering snappy remarks with a cold sharpness. It promises us dark comedy, a Macbeth-with-maybellene.

But once the mousy Fern shows up, along with the super-fly detective Vera Cruz, the whole thing dissolves into a mess of heavy-handed cliches and messy camera work. It’s worse then just being unoriginal, it’s DULL. Powerfully and potently. But hey, at least the girls are fun to look at.

It’s impossible to compare it to Heathers, the other teen-murder-comedy. Yet Jawbreakers is nowhere near that movie’s gleeful dark streak and cutting satire. This implodes too early, becoming a female Very Bad Things.

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