Doc Brown Saves the World (2015) — A Back to the Future encore

“I’m about to do something unprecedented in the history of time travel: catch video of a space time correction.”

Justin’s rating: 1.21 jiggawhats

Justin’s review: Created for the 30th anniversary Back to the Future Blu-ray box-set, Doc Brown Saves the World is a 10-minute short film that brings Christopher Lloyd back for a final (?) time as Doc Brown. Set on October 21, 2015, Doc Brown attempts to save the world from a 2045 nuclear holocaust somehow caused by the inventions like the hoverboard and Mr. Fusion.

If you were expecting a geriatric Doc Brown to zip around in the DeLorean, you’re going to be in for a huge disappointment. What we have here is a white set that’s liberally decorated with props from the various movies (especially Back to the Future Part II). This serves as a springboard to long-winded exposition as Brown explains how these items — which obviously weren’t created by 2015 — caused the downfall of humanity.

Brown eventually does leap back in time to erase these inventions, although it’s all done off-screen. He then comes back and capers around while the familiar Alan Silvestri score plays and Lloyd collects another paycheck.

Honestly, it’s the sort of thing that’s only of interest for the most die-hard of Back to the Future fan, as was the animated series or the Back to the Future ride. Yes, we all wanted more movies, but those never came to fruition (perhaps wisely). I think that there’s an interesting idea here of featuring Doc Brown on a quest to reconcile the timeline of the film and that of our world, but it would’ve needed a much bigger budget and longer running time.

Great Scott, perhaps it’s time to retire?

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