Six Japanese horror imports

When you’re in the mood for a different kind of horror movie experience, there’s always the deliciously twisted imports that Japan has been sending to us for years! Here are six titles that fans should see at some point:


From our review: “It’s skin-crawlingly awful. It’s the kind of thing where, if you’re a horror fan, you will be watching with eyes wide not quite believing how evil and disturbing it is.”


From our review: “Jigoku is a sort of spiritual sister to It’s A Wonderful Life, except in this case it’d maybe be more appropriate to call it ‘Life Was Pretty Good Until You and Everyone You Care About Died and Now You’re All Stuck In Hell.’”


From our review: “Usually with horror movies all the action comes to the main characters and you’re just watching stuff happen to them, but Ring is one of the few where the characters are in sleuth mode and they’re following clues to solve a horrific mystery and you’re drawn into their search as they go.”


From our review: “This leads to an ending I didn’t quite expect, but which does seem inevitable when you consider it in light of all that comes before it. It’s not a punch line/twist so much as it is a grinding halt.”

Battle Royale

From our review: “It’s pretty gruesome, occasionally graphic, but a compelling and unique film which seems to have something to say, while providing an interesting look at what people will do in desperate situations.”


From our review: “The visual effects are effective. Without ruining any plot points, the body contortions, cloud patterns, and gruesome deaths are all incredible visually and morally repugnant (because they look so scary!). And don’t get me started on the human snails!”

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