Six Sam Raimi movies you must see before you die

What do you get when you cross a Three Stooges fan with a creative horror director? Sam Raimi, that’s what! Here are six classic Raimi movies you absolutely must see at least once in your life:

Evil Dead 2

From our review: “What I really love about ED2 is that it’s the first (and last?) horror movie I’ve ever seen that addresses the psychological ramifications that horror movie carnage would actually have on someone who’s lived through it. In short, they’d go a little wacky in the head.”

Army of Darkness

From our review: “Sure, Ash is a raging jerk and kind of dumb to boot, but how can you not hero worship a man who casually lops off his hand when it becomes infected with evil, duct tapes the wound, and then builds a contraption to hold a chainsaw on the stump? I don’t care what you say, this is the ultimate guy act.”


From our review: “Fortunately, it’s in the hands of Sam Raimi, a man who never takes his darkness too seriously. While the story is pretty consistently tragic, it’s skillfully manipulated – when he wants us to feel pity for poor ol’ Peyton, he plays things straight; when he wants to lighten the mood a little, he simply intensifies things to the point where they veer into camp.”

The Quick and the Dead

From our review: “Yet this is an unabashedly giddy film even so. Even when Raimi is trying to set a serious tone, there’s always something that just makes you chuckle under your breath, like the blind kid who finds and throws a bullet accurately within seconds.”

Spider-Man 2

From our review: “When all is said and done, you just have to reflect on what makes for a truly great Spider-Man story, then compare it to how many of those elements were included in the movie. Human angle that focuses more on Peter Parker, everyman with real-world problems, than some invincible guy in a costume? Yep. Cool but tragic villain with ties to both Spider-Man and Peter? Absolutely. Spidey using his brain and his heart, rather than his fists, to beat said bad guy? Oh yeah. Jameson blustering, Aunt May doting, Peter having terrible luck, and Mary Jane saying “Tiger”? Check, check, check, and double check, true believer.”

Drag Me to Hell

From our review: “So when I finally settled down to watch Drag Me To Hell, I let out a breath of relief that I didn’t even know I was holding in.  Raimi might have gone to the pros, but he’s still got that sandlot league nature just bursting to get out.”

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