Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love (1994)

revenge of the nerds 4

“Behold the nerd child!”

The Scoop: 1994 NR, directed by Steve Zacharias and starring Robert Carradine, Curtis Armstrong and Julia Montgomery

Tagline: Birds do it. Bees do it. Tonight see what happens when Nerds do it…

Summary Capsule: Booger tries to get married while the father of the bride tries to banish all nerds.  NERDS!


Justin’s rating: Happily ever after

Justin’s review: A funny thing happened on the way to a sequel — a made-for-TV Revenge of the Nerds movie got pretty darn good.  I know, I’m pretty darn shocked too.

Out of all of the Nerds sequels I went through in a one-week period, I had the least hopes for this one.  Nerds II was a decent, if somewhat lackluster follow-up, and Nerds III was too fractured and cheesy to be enjoyable.  Maybe third time’s the charm, though?  Made ten years after Revenge of the Nerds created a nerdstorm among moviegoers, Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love has the warm feel of a class reunion where old friends are getting together just to have a good time.

Pulling away from the college setting, it’s some time after the events of the third film and Booger is getting married.  The only problem is that he hasn’t met his (newly) blueblood parents-in-law yet and they’re about to go through all sorts of “Well, I never!” stereotypes as they discover what a geeky slob their son-in-law is.  The entire movie takes place over a three-day period leading up to a Valentine’s Day wedding, separated into different events and crises as they come along.

What really surprised me is how many Nerds vets came back for this last shindig.  While Gilbert is still M.I.A., a good portion of the original Tri-Lambdas show up as well as the ex-Alpha Betas, a couple “next generation” nerds from Part III, and even U.N. and Lewis’ dad toward the end.  Instead of feeling like a couple actors are cashing in a paycheck, the whole group brings their A-game and attempts to do the franchise justice (within the bounds of made-for-TV propriety, of course).  There’s a lot of referencing previous films and follow-ups to shallow character arcs.  It’s kind of like going to a dollar store and finding premium caviar tucked away in the aisles.

What’s even better is that, barring a few overacting moments, Nerds IV is interesting, inventive, and actually kind of funny.  The writers had a lot of fun embracing the nerd concept, and while there isn’t so much “revenge” this time around (probably because the biggest antagonist is a screw-up), the movie becomes a celebration of goofballs being goofballs.  Lewis and Booger share the stage perfectly and send the series out on as high of a note as you could reasonably expect given the platform and budget.

Booger's first love, a custard pie, sadly meets its demise
Booger’s first love, a custard pie, sadly meets its demise


  • Before cell phones there were… absurdly big walkie-talkies worn on belts
  • The up-close “It’s nerds, isn’t it?” on the detective’s mouth made me laugh
  • And the unborn baby going “pickles and ice cream! pickles and ice cream!” was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen all week
  • Is that the doctor from Star Trek: Voyager… with hair?
  • All food fights should be filmed in slow motion
  • Lewis delivering the baby while a big speech is going on
  • The movie was originally broadcast in 3D and in “AromaVision” (Fox distributed scratch ‘n sniff cards for various points in the movie)
  • Although he is not onscreen at the time, Booger can be heard at the bridal shower yelling, “Hey, Takashi! What happened to Gilbert?”
  • The only characters who appear in all four Nerds films, played by the same actors each time, are Lewis Skolnick, Mr. Skolnick, Dudley “Booger” Dawson, and Lamar Latrelle.
  • This was a potential TV pilot for a Nerds series

Groovy Quotes

Old guy: Why are they always chanting?

Dad: Behold the nerd child!

Trevor Gulf: Mr. Ogre mooned.
Lewis Skolnick: Well, you see Trevor, Mr. Ogre is a converted nerd, ok? He used to be a jock so he’s still a little rough around the edges.

Romeo: First it’s on, then it’s off, now it’s on again. I am a humble servant, not a yo-yo.

Lewis Skolnick: That’s no moon, thats the San Joquin valley!

Mr. Skolnick: I could marry you.
Dudley Dawson: But I don’t love you.

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