Saturday’s Six: Obscurely awesome moments from Community

It’s been established that I love, love, love Community.  Seriously, it’s right up there with my all-time favorite Arrested Development.  That makes sense, as both shows are not just funny, but meta and layered to the extreme.  You can rewatch both of these shows over and over again and still pick up on new details all the time.

So as I spent the last week rewatching season 2 of Community, I wanted to pull together a quick video list of six obscurely awesome moments that you might have missed!

1. Abed loves Cougar Town, ends up on Cougar Town

This is about as meta as it gets.  Apparently the creators of both Community and Cougar Town are big fans of each other, and even though the shows are on different networks (NBC and ABC, respectively), there have been numerous mentions between the two.  This culminated in an episode of Community where Abed describes a visit to the set of Cougar Town where he got to play an extra in the background.

The funny thing is, they actually did that.  When Cougar Town’s season finale came out that year, Abed is clearly seen drinking and being Abed-y in the background of a scene:

2. Abed’s background adventures

This is so hard to catch while normally watching the show that I didn’t even see it the first two times around.  In “The Psychology of Letting Go,” Abed disappears from most of the episode… sort of.  The truth is that he’s in quite a lot of the episode, just in the background (where your eyes normally aren’t focused), and over the course of a few scenes a whole story is played out about him assisting a pregnant student in delivering her child.  What’s even better is that this whole background story stems from a setup in the first season during a sex ed-themed episode:

3. Beetlejuice

OK, this is sheer brilliance!  We all know the movie, we all know what happens when Beetlejuice’s name is said three times.  Now consider that Community’s writers set up this joke to pay off after three seasons’ worth of waiting, and be awed (again, watch the background):

4. Community vs. Glee

It’s apparent to anyone who watches Community that the show’s creators are more than disdainful of Glee.  The one-sided rivalry against Glee started in the first season and hasn’t let up since:

5. Taking a shot at ‘shippers

Fan ‘shipping is a plague that can and does ruin almost any franchise (in my expert opinion), which is why I fell to the floor laughing when I saw Community take a shot at its own ‘shipping community.  Creator Dan Harmon saw an overly sappy video set to the song “Gravity” that tried to establish a simmering romance between Jeff and Annie, so he paid for the rights to use it and then parodied the heck out of it during the flashback episode in season two.  It’s so, so choice:

Original video:

The parody:

6. Inspector Spacetime

While this parody of Doctor Who only got about 12 seconds of screentime, that was enough for the fans to take the concept and run with itRun really really far, actually.  Like, we’re pretty sure there are more words about Inspector Spacetime on the internet than Doctor Who at this point.  It makes me proud to be a geek.


  1. The Jeff/Annie one involving the song “Gravity” is more of a tribute to the fan videos and the fans. As someone on Reddit put better than I did:

    “I do feel the need to note that Harmon himself has said the Jeff/Annie “Gravity” moment in “Paradigms of Human Memory” is intended to be even more so a love letter to Community fan videos and the people who make them than a mocking parody.

    As Harmon said, he spent something like $35,000 out of his own pocket to get the rights to that song, and that’s not something you’d do unless you really are trying to show the fans how much you appreciate them.”

  2. And you missed that two members of Cougar Town appear in the season finale of Season 2. Busy Phillips and the young guy can be seen chanting “Human beings!”

  3. You need to listen to the DVD commentaries. They don’t hate Glee they are jealous of it. The shipper video was a tribute. Dan Harmon even contacted the girl who made the original video to let her know that he wasn’t making fun of her but was honoring her.

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