Sunday (2008)


“I honestly think there would be forty-percent less love without beer

The Scoop: 2008 NR, Directed by Travis Betz and starring Devin Barry and Sarah Larissa Deckert

Tagline: Pirates, Aristocrats and a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Summary Capsule: A young couple wakes up together one Sunday  morning and vows to literally stay in bed all day. They then have to figure out entertainment, food and toilet time.

Heather’s rating: Sadly, the issue of hygiene was left out. I really wanted to see them try to get that bed in the shower.

Heather’s review: Some of you may recall my review of Lo, a fantastic little cult gem that I found on Netflix last year. For those that don’t recall, be sure to click that there link and be prepared for one of the greatest odd little films you’ll ever see. You’re welcome.

After seeing Lo I decided to check out the rest of the director’s repertoire and found a completely different kind of film. Sunday is a sweet look at couple spending a perfect day together. No demons or love lost. There’s no conflict in this movie at all, unless you consider the inner turmoil of whether or not to actually eat that monstrosity created out of what’s left in the fridge.

I’m usually turned off by anything too lovey dovey, but idea of watching two people figure out how to stay in bed for an entire 24 hours was an intriguing concept for me. The tagline alone was enough to get me interested despite my misgivings and, though I have a few complaints, I’m glad I went out of my comfort zone (way out) and gave this a chance.

It’s more of a vignette than the usual romantic film, which generally goes through the whole agonizing process of meeting, misunderstanding, melodrama and makeup. With Sunday we never get to know the couple’s past, we don’t know their future; all we know is that they are two creative, fun people who are very much in love.

As far as the technical stuff goes, it’s minimal and low-budget. This isn’t a problem; in fact it fits the movie perfectly, except for one instance: The sound. When the movie first starts I found it nearly impossible to figure out what the actors were saying when speaking at a normal volume. Later on it seemed better, so that I wasn’t maxing out my player’s volume, but I wish it could have been clearer.

The only other thing I feel compelled to warn you against is the nudity, if that kind of thing bothers you. It’s not gratuitous, but I’m warning you that you may see more man-stuff than you’d care to see on any given day.

My understanding, based on  my first impression and what was said in the commentary, is that the dialogue was all improvised. While I usually find that annoying and stilted, Barry and Deckert do a good job of making it feel smooth and natural. Betz had the two really get to know each other before the shoot and it shows, both in the dialogue and their physical interaction with each other. The feel of it isn’t always perfect and flowing, but overall it was well done. They come off as a couple that you’d enjoy chatting with in person.

Sunday is a very realistic portrait of love, either in that initial stage of elation or on those days later in the relationship when the two of you just relax and act like kids together. Barry and Deckert were fun to watch as they wrote a song comparing their love to a fine beer, pretended to take their bed deep sea fishing, and acted as if they were bored aristocrats discussing the social gossip of the day while “smoking” bubble pipes. Watching two adults make the floor a forbidden zone is just the crazy, childish kind of thing that makes love such a rush in the beginning, and a long-lasting partnership. It’s not common to see a whole movie with such an upbeat feel to it, and I welcome the change.

My favorite part of the movie is when the day is winding down and they both write out a very serious, no-holds-barred series of questions for each other concerning their views about sex. I loved the realistic questions and reactions they had to each others’ responses. It was one of the funniest and most tender moments of the film, and it got a laugh from my husband and my friend when they watched with me.

So will you enjoy it? That’s a hard one for me to answer, actually. I expected my husband to hate it, but he was laughing and having a good time right along with me, and was even inspired to have us play some games together when the movie was over. Then again, my indie-movie-loving friend, who I thought would love this, didn’t really care for it. I usually wouldn’t even consider something like Sunday a movie that I would like, and yet I own it. How’s that for a non-answer?

If you’re looking for something different in the romance genre, and don’t mind giving a lower budget movie a try, I highly recommend Sunday. At the very least it will leave you wanting to play The Floor is Lava!

They may need to discuss her aggressively competitive nature.


  • Rock that farmer’s tan!
  • I want that dinosaur coffee mug
  • That’s…uh…that’s a sandwich, right there. I think you made the right choice, guys.
  • The movie was filmed in the director’s apartment, meaning that nifty painted-on-headboard is a real thing someone has in their room.

Groovy Quotes:

Boy: You know, I think we should stay in this bed all day.

Girl: I need to pee.
Boy: Awesome. Did you need a hall pass, or….

Girl: Well I thought you said we were going to stay in bed all day.
Boy: I did say that, didn’t I?

Boy: (Competing to see who can pour beer into their mouths while laying on their backs) Here we go. Up top!  (Pours some beer down his throat, splashing it on his face) Uh huh, I can drink beer through my ears! …Ah! My eyes! My beautiful eyes!

Girl: Do you have any last words?
Boy: God, I love being a viking.

Both: (Singing) You’re the hops, you’re the hops!

Boy: I honestly think there would be 40% less love without beer.

Boy: (In ridiculous British aristocrat accent) I think the new trend is going to be sled-dogging. I’m going to purchase a fleet of sled dogs and take them out for the winter. And if that doesn’t work, then we’ll just have to go back to tennis.

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