Saturday’s Six: Favorite Minor Scrubs Characters

scrubslogoForget the main cast of Scrubs, as excellent as they might’ve been — today we want to remember and honor the supporting cast of this show, which stretches to hundreds of bizarre, hilarious and memorable personalities. The show’s creators said that they wanted the Scrubs universe to be like The Simpsons, with a huge array of minor characters with quirky bits. So which were our favorites?


1. Denise (aka “Jo”)

Lissa: Personally, I got a kick out of some of the newest interns. I really, really liked Denise/Jo.   She was pretty smart, but had NO bedside manner at all. No, not just bedside manner – no tact whatsoever. She was like a cute blonde House or something.

Drew: Ah, Jo – you’ve gotta respect a girl who digs fatties because they try harder in bed. (Wait… do you?) She’s one of the few reasons I’m even considering watching the upcoming season, with a whole new group of characters and most of the main cast gone. She was the best of the season 8 interns and one of the main reasons the show got partially back on track.


2. Dr. Seymour Beardfacé

Drew: Because I’m 8, I dig the characters who started as nothing but a funny name, like Beardface and the immortal Dr. Mickhead.

Justin: It’s amazing how many one-joke characters they threw into the cast, and most all of them stayed funny each and every time they appeared.  This doctor, sporting a truly excellent patch of facial growth, is constantly peeved that people see that, see his name, and call him “Doctor Beardface” when it’s clearly “Beard-fah-say!”


3. Ben Sullivan

Justin: Ben Sullivan (played by the criminally underrated Brendan Fraser) was only in, I think, three episodes, but he was consistently funny in a different way than the rest of the cast.  You could totally understand why he’d be Dr. Cox’s best friend, even though his humor skews more toward J.D.’s.

Drew: I have to give top nod to Brendan Fraser (and how often does that happen?) for being in some of the most poignant episodes, including arguably the best Scrubs episode of all time. Such a shame he couldn’t make a cameo in the final episode.

Lissa: Oooh, good call on Brendan Fraser. (I actually like him.) His character was absolutely… yeah. That was one of the few Scrubs episodes that actually made me cry.


4. Lady

Lissa: You know who else really grew on me? Lady. I mean, I love the Janitor, quirky guy that he is, and as JD got really whiny and girly, the Janitor became more of the reason I watched the show. And to see another character love him for his quirks and weirdness… it made me smile. One love interest I can completely get behind. (Get behind five! Hey, it’s Scrubs, you have to acknowledge The Todd.)


5. Dan Dorian

Drew: Getting a little deeper, Tom Cavanagh is a great comedic actor and perfectly cast as J.D.’s brother, not least because they actually look like they’re related.

Justin: I’ll admit that I was a pretty big fan of the quirky dramedy Ed, mostly because of Cavanagh, and each time he shows up as J.D.’s brother was an absolute treat.  You get how they really are brothers — they both share similar traits (like taste in girls and a bizarre sense of humor), but they don’t get along too often and drive each other up a wall because of it.  I’ll always love the episode where Dan confronts Dr. Cox, and tells him that while he as a brother will never be a good role model for J.D., J.D. looks up to Cox — and Dan orders Cox to step up and be the role model J.D. deserves.


6. Jimmy the Overly Touchy Orderly

Justin: Another late 8th season entry to this list, Jimmy immediately became my new favorite character for the weird gusto he put in to every little scene where he’d show up and begin to touch people, way, way, way too much (and those people were invariably guys, which probably saved him many a sexual harassment lawsuit).


  1. What, no Marco (Freddy Rodriguez)? Among other things, the pick-up line he gives to the Todd at Turk and Carla’s wedding makes me cry with laughter every time I see it.

    However, good call on Ben and Dan (“Hey, chief, does this speech have an intermission? I gotta take a leak.”).

  2. If it makes you feel any better, Sal, I was going to throw Hooch a mention in my next response. Sadly, it turns out most of our staff are uncool and don’t watch Scrubs.

  3. I like Dr. Kelso’s wife, Enid, who, while never seen, had so many funny maladies and bizarre issues that she seems like she’d be the funniest looking person ever. Blind, paraplegic, obese, mentally ill, mean, pantsuit-wearing, but apparently frisky enough to have sex once a year.

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