Welcome Skip and Flinthart to Mutant Reviewers!

It’s going to be a really big week here for Mutant Reviewers, as our team of slightly unhinged geek culture fanatics grows! Today we’re excited to introduce two talented new writers whose reviews we’ll be posting later this morning. Please welcome… Skip and Flinthart!

Skip enjoys the silly things in life. To quote Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society, he wants to “suck the marrow out of life”. He does this by seeking out fun things. Outrageous things. Things that make grown men giggle. Cereal Killer in the Cyberdelia. Cpt. Kirk mispronouncing “sabotage.” Mutt and The Monkeys (cool band name, bad Indiana Jones scene). Indiana Jones and the Atomic Refrigerator. Motorcycles at Marshall College. (No seriously though, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is just a ridiculous film.)

Flinthart writes science fiction, fantasy, horror, and just about anything else that people will pay him for. He is (honest to Cthulhu) a 3rd dan black belt in old-school balls-to-the-wall jujutsu, and a Free Scholar in the Stoccata School of Defense (which means he knows what a broadsword is, and is actually capable of killing zombies with such in authentic 16th English style). If you look him up on Amazon and elsewhere, you’ll find a string of short stories, a novel, and a nifty future-history collection that he edited Back In The Day. Flinthart lives in Tasmania (Screw you! It is too real!) and is planning to turn the place into a Free Republic just as soon as he sobers up, which won’t be easy since he brews his own moonshine and makes astonishingly good limoncello…


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