Kung Fury (2015) — Don’t hassle the Hoff

“In the 1940s, Hitler was a kung-fu champion. He was so good at kung-fu, that he decided to change his name to ‘Kung Führer.'”

Justin’s rating: GAME OVER.

Justin’s review: I guess it’s time for another round of ’80s action movie parodies (see: Commando Ninja, Manborg), brought to you by impressionable filmmakers who are deeply upset that they weren’t active in the actual 1980s. Today’s short film is Kung Fury, a movie that I can remember making the rounds back in 2015 to the delight of the worldwide internet audience until an adorable cat video came out later that day.

Dude, it was pawing the air like it was stoned and giggling at the same time. So cute. So cute.

Hit by lightning, bitten by a cobra, and smitten by a prophecy, police cop Kung Fury gains new powers and works battles with sentient arcade cabinets into his regular schedule. Because there’s only 30 minutes to this thing, it isn’t very long before he’s partnered up with a British dinosaur (Tricericop) and a hacker (Hackerman) and sent back to kill Adolf Hitler. He also takes a detour to the Viking Age (with its laser raptors) and meets some Asgardians with machine pistols who ride T. Rexes.

You know. As one does.

Kung Fury is unbridled silliness from start to end, and I have to say, it kind of really works for me. It’s a whole lot of live action cartoon sequences that use 100% green screens and 0% believable reality. Since it’s short and moves at a fair clip, there’s absolutely no room for boring filler scenes. Instead, this movie constantly tries to one-up itself with fight sequences, dumb jokes, and a decent synthwave soundtrack.

I actually liked this more than Commando Ninja for the joke density and the assortment of great characters. The filmmaker really tapped into the diverse ensembles of ’80s cartoons, giving us an end fight involving Hitler, a giant metallic eagle, Thor, a transformer, Tricericop, a bigger dinosaur, and Vikings a machine guns. I mean, at one point it actually transforms into a literal cartoon that’s sort of G.I. Joe meets MASK meets He-Man.

Suffice to say, Kung Fury is an amazing must-watch for any ’80s fan. And if you need more convincing than time traveling to kill Hitler with the help of a dino, here’s David Hasslehoff singing the theme song:

Didja notice?

  • It’s not even a full minute before we have a transforming arcade cabinet that shoots off someone’s head
  • The “tracking” and fuzz. Can’t say I miss VHS tapes.
  • Guess they didn’t have the money to show the “bitten by a cobra” part
  • The huge, fat ’80s portable phone
  • Apparently you can shoot people through phones…?
  • The Power Glove makes you a better hacker
  • “Your pecs are epic.” “Thanks bro!”
  • The abrupt car phone commercial
  • The Nazis talking smack about their mustaches is downright hilarious
  • The MASK cartoon parody

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