Six werewolf films with a bite

Sometimes you want to let out the beast within, form a pack, and chase balls around the yard for a few hours in the moonlight! If that’s what you’re craving, check out these six werewolf films that’ll bite you back:

An American Werewolf in London

From our review: “From the opening banter between David and Jack to the odd behavior of pretty much everyone in the film, American Werewolf puts its slobbery tongue in its cheek and enjoys making us laugh as much as scream.”

Dog Soldiers

From our review: “House. Men with guns. Lots of werewolves. By the time we’d reached this point a scant 30 minutes into the movie, I knew I’d found a new favourite.”

Ginger Snaps

From our review: “Puberty is marked by sudden mood swings and new hair growth, but something tells Brigitte her sister’s added insistence on ripping the neighbor dogs limb from limb might be indicative of an entirely different kind of problem.”

The Company of Wolves

From our review: “I think my favorite performance though has to be Angela Lansbury as Granny. In a way, even though the wolves eat people, and Granny is the one who tells Rosaleen about the wolves, she comes off as menacing.”

The Monster Squad

From our review: “This is a movie that wears its cult status proudly, from a low budget to cheesy, overdone clichés. And in fact, a big part of the Squad’s appeal stems from exactly that element — while most films have stereotypes up the wazoo and just hope you won’t notice, this one alternately defies those stereotypes and owns them.”

Teen Wolf

From our review: “Teen Wolf rode Back to the Future’s coattails all the way to the bank. It’s not a scary, nor that novel, nor a very funny movie, but simply being released with Michael J. Fox’s name at the right time tricked thousands into seeing it.”


  1. Silver Bullet is one of my most favorite werewolf movies. It has a great deal of heart and gives us a good perspective. Most werewolf movies are from the assailant and dwells on his terror and plight into madness or being a monster.

    You should watch The Howling. It’s balls to the wall good with effects. Also, it may not be the best effects or cool werewolves but Late Phases is a good story.

    • Oh I’ll definitely check out both of them I haven’t actually heard of them, thanks for the recommendation man, they sound good. Honestly I’m always up for a werewolf movie! I’ve always preferred the more practical effects and transformations myself they seem more real and gruesome most of the time.

      A couple other ones I like but I’m sure you’ve seen are Wolf (1994) and The wolfman (2010)

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