Drinking Games (1998) — Mourners drink to remember a fallen friend

“Looks like we’re walking. Relax, it’s stumbling distance.”

Andie’s rating: One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor

Andie’s review: Drinking Games is a little known movie that I discovered one night while working at Blockbuster. See, I was chosen to go clean the comedy section, which is about the highest honor I that could’ve been bestowed upon me, and here I am, cleaning along in the D section when *BAM* all of a sudden I see this movie called Drinking Games. Now, at first I was merely intrigued by the title, but I read the back of the box and it looked pretty good.

So I rented it.

And I loved it.

Then I bought it.

Now I own it.

Okay, so it’s kind of got the whole Big Chill thing going on (there’s actually a reference to The Big Chill in the movie) because a girl, Tara, whom we never see, kills herself. The action takes place at a home of Tara’s friends, who have gathered after the funeral. They start drinking the brew and the night goes on from there. They play a few games, they talk about life, they puke and go to the bathroom, and most everybody gets a piece of ass. It’s a good night.

Basically this movie is about how these 20-somethings deal with the suicide of their friend and the emotional baggage that they carry around. It’s funny, touching, and very entertaining. And if nothing else, you’ll have some drinking games that you can play at parties. So go rent it, I love it.

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