WEGAF Reviews: Supermouse – Daze of Yore

A little variety here, as we move from our usual territory of straightforward superheroics into that of funny animals – and superheroics. Enjoy!

On a different note, I must regretfully inform you that this will be the last episode of WEGAF Reviews for a while, as a host of pestiferous computer problems have forced me to abandon production until I get them fixed. I’ve posted a Vlog on my YouTube channel explaining the situation in a bit more detail, if any of you are interested.

In the meantime, I have some of my more usual fare waiting in the wings, which I shall post in the weeks to come. I hope you have been enjoying the show so far, and my apologies for the interruption – I’ll get it up and running again as soon as I can.


    • Thanks! That means a lot to me, honestly; I’ve gotten very few comments on these so far, and that’s dispiriting, ya know?
      But yeah, hopefully I’ll be putting them out again before long. I can’t promise anything, because still no solution yet on the computer front, but I’m hoping to try for a Halloween episode around the end of the month. And in the meantime, I might do a Vlog or something – I can still do that sort of stuff; it’s just complex editing that’s beyond me.
      Glad you’re liking ’em!

  1. Definitely, man. Keep at ’em. I wish we had done video stuff back in the day… Justin and I would have had a great time at it. Of course, it would have been hard to fit both our noses in a shot…

    • There’s always a wide lens…
      I might have a solution on the horizon – MIGHT. Might might might. There’s this tech guy I know who thinks he can restore my old set-up – so far, it hasn’t worked, but he’s still trying, and with luck there’s a possibility I’ll be up and running again soon. It might not be soon enough for my current plans, but I continue to hold out hope, in a hopefully-not-jinxing-myself manner.

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