Lissa’s 2009 In Review

Ah, 2009.   What can I say about it?

Seriously, what can I say about it?  These days, my brain feels like mushb- valuable cells are used up memorizing The Lorax rather than what I did this past year.  Free time?  I have to go to bed early to get up with the kids.  And getting the theater happens, but it doesn’t happen often.  And besides, it just feels like a lot of 2009 movies sucked.  Plus, these days, with the invention of TV series on DVD sets, we’ve been watching more TV shows.

But, it’s 2010, and reflection on the year past is the in thing.  So, here are some things I will remember about 2009.

The cast of BSG in cookies! Top Row: Baltar, Head!Six, Tigh, Adama, Roslin. Middle row: Starbuck, Lee Adama, Dee, Gaeta, Hoshi. Bottom row: Tyrol, Cally, Tory, and Cavil. Yes, I am deranged.

1.) Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5. I will spare you my rant, as Al and I wrote an entire article on it.  But my favorite TV show ever came to an end, and for better or for worse, that was truly notable.  It always sucks to lose something you love, and no TV show before or since has yet grabbed me like BSG did.   Plus, it meant another visit from Al.  That’s always good.

2.) Mutant Reviewers from Hell moves sites. I’m not quite the technophobe that Sue is, but I, too, dislike change.  However, it was a change for the best and there were some darn good reasons for doing it (like it doesn’t take the site two days to load anymore).  It definitely counts as memorable.

3.) I discovered my first real webcomics. The two I read?  P.H.D. (are you surprised?) and The Least I Could Do.  You see the connection, don’t you?  I know.  But seriously, we don’t even get a newspaper anymore (except on Sundays, and then for the coupons), because we find everything out online.  And my favorite print comics either ended (Calvin, Far Side, Foxtrot) or should have ended (For Better or for Worse).  So bring on the webcomics!

4.) Star Trek hits the movies again, and it’s the first one I’ve seen in a long time. (I think the last one was First Contact.  Which also might mean it’s the first one anyone’s seen in a long time, but still.)  And it was PHENOMENAL.  Well, okay.  Maybe it’s not the Best Picture Ever.  But good effects, good acting, good story… hello, world, sci-fi is AWESOME.

5.) Speaking of awesome sci-fi, one memorable movie I saw in theaters was District 9. Too gory for the Oscars, I’m betting, but can we stop declaring Avatar the best sci-fi movie ever, when from what I hear, both Star Trek and District 9 hold their own against this mammoth?  I really want to see more and more sci-fi gaining popularity, because darn it, I like it.

6.) We finally get into Dollhouse, and yes, it gets cancelled. Which, hey, I’m more surprised it lasted as long as it did, as it was a Joss Whedon show on FOX.  (Seriously.  What was he thinking?)  Dollhouse has its flaws, but it is still one heck of a series.  Also?  Fringe rocks.

7.) Nine comes out.  It sucks. One of these days, I’ll actually review it, because tearing things apart is fun.  But the awards shows seem to be drooling over it, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.  So people sing.  Whoopee.  There’s more to a musical than that, people!

8.) I can now recite Cars, Wall-E, Exodus Earth, Blue Planet, and Finding Nemo. Okay, so I could do Cars and Nemo in 2008, and Wall-E is probably the biggest cheat on the planet in this category, but you get my point.  My kids rule my TV set during waking hours.

If you haven’t seen this spread with the BBT cast posing pop culture shots, you really, really should.

9.) Big Bang Theory becomes truly popular. I have to admit, I’m still at a loss for this.  Don’t get me wrong – I love this show.  But it’s smart humor.  I don’t usually have a lot of faith in the general public to appreciate it.  And yet, somehow – maybe because of Penny – this show has made itself a home in pop culture.  I love it when I’m wrong on this sort of count.

10.) To be honest?  I can’t think of a number 10. Partly because I’m lazy and up against a deadline, partly because I can never remember what year something happened, and partly because like I said, those valuable brain cells are taken up by things like The Lorax.  (Which, given 2010 diesel emissions standards, is pretty fitting.)   Besides, isn’t there something poetic in 9 for 2009?  I think so.

So, there’s 2009 under our belts.  Hope you all have a wonderful 2010!


  1. Technically Foxtrot hasn’t ended, just gone to Sunday-only. Though it has fallen into the mediocrity trap just about any long running comic strip falls into.

    May I suggest a few more web comics for you to waste your time on:

    Schlock Mercenary: Travel the galaxy! Meet fascinating new life-forms! And then kill them.

    Girl Genius: Adventure, Romance, Mad Science!

    Darths & Droids: The Star Wars films retold as RPG sessions.

    Garfield Minus Garfield: The newspaper strip sans the fat cat, revealing the existential angst of a certain Mr. Jon Arbuckle.

    Regarding Dollhouse, I’m given to understand that the lead actress was under contract with Fox, and Joss Whedon really wanted her for the lead.

    • Howard thought that was sick, I think 🙂 These were actually a birthday present for someone. I sent them to her, and a lot of them broke. But Gaeta, Hoshi, and Dee all stayed intact. Her comment? YES! The mutiny was successful this time!!! 🙂

  2. I saw that BBT photo spread and loved it! Nice article. 🙂 Also I need to get started on Battlestar Galactica so that I can “get” your cookies. where do I start?

    • The miniseries comes first, which should be Disc 1 of the Season 1 box set. Not everyone likes it, so if you’re less than thrilled, give the show a few episodes before doing anything rash. After that, you can really just go in order.

      There are some optional webisodes (“The Resistance”) on that you can watch before Season 3, another movie called “Razor” that serves as the first two episodes of Season 4, and more webisodes (“The Face of the Enemy”) that you should watch before Season 4.5. The webisodes aren’t required viewing, but they don’t take long to watch and they do serve to fill out some story points.

      • What is The Complete Epic Series (from 1978) that’s available for Instant Play on Netflix? Know anything about that?

    • Not letting me reply to the other one, but believe me, you do NOT need to watch the original series. They are not at all linked, except in idea, and they both have Richard Hatch in them (playing EXTREMELY different characters. Heh.) In fact, the 70’s one is extremely cheesy.

  3. I remember Calvin and Hobbes! I have the entire collection! I love those guys!
    Sad that Bill Watterson ended it… voluntarily, no less…
    BBT is a good show, but I don’t see how Penny catapulted it to fame. Shows with laugh tracks almost never make me laugh, except for the Holy Trifecta: That 70s Show, How I Met Your Mother, and Big Bang Theory.
    And I feel obligated to recommend the Rooster Teeth webcomics even though the humor is more video-game-generation-oriented.

    • Re: BBT:

      If it was just the four guys, I really think it wouldn’t have gotten as far as it did, even though I could just watch them. But Penny serves as their vehicle to become approachable by non-geeks, I think. She’s like the ambassador of Geekdom.

      And I loved That 70s show for a long time (just got busy), and still adore HIMYM.

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