Three Amigos (1986) — A trio of comedy legends

“Are Gringos falling from the sky?”

PoolMan’s review: Much to my chagrin, most Saturday Night Live movies are real bombs. I really can’t stand Adam Sandler, and God knows I couldn’t take another Chris Rock rant. Fortunately, Three Amigos are to me what Lorne Michaels really wanted to get out of his actors when he went to the big screen. Too bad it hasn’t happened too much since.

Three Amigos is about a trio of out-of-work actors from the 1930s who are hired by a group of Mexican villagers. The Amigos think they are doing a show, but the villagers assume that they are real heroes as depicted in their serials. The hope is that the Amigos will run a group of desperadoes headed by the evil El Guapo out of town. Chilling, n’est-ce pas? It’s a very large case of mistaken identity on both sides, and it works.

I like all three of the leads. Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short (good Canadian kids!) all do a great job of playing their own characters the way they want to. You get the feeling that each was pretty much told to improvise at points, and it’s a lot of fun to watch. Three Amigos is good for all ages, although there’s plenty of adult humour that’ll go whizzing over the kiddies’ heads.

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