How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) — A role Jim Carrey was born to play

“Oh, the Who-manity!”

Lissa’s rating: This is a lot harder when you don’t make up your own words

Lissa’s review:

One Christmas season in New York in the snow
My mother, siblings, and I went to see a show.
We looked at the posters, we fussed and debated,
But their cries of “The Grinch!” were quite overstated.
“No!” I whimpered, keeping my angst to myself,
“I know that is one that should be kept on the shelf!
The Grinch is a classic! This will suck! Please don’t pick it!”
But my family had already gotten four tickets.
I sat in my seat, a smile nailed to my face
As Anthony Hopkins’ smooth voice filled up the place.
Christine Baranski was Martha Mae, and Taylor Momsen Cindy Lou,
Jim Carrey the Grinch, and of course there were Whos.
The story, we know it, at least, the main plot
But now ninety minutes, I thought it would rot.
Cindy Lou’s search for Christmas seemed pukesome and trite
(Though I loved the bit about the Who’s Christmas lights).
The romantic subplot just wasn’t my taste,
I was convinced this whole movie would be such a waste.
But something then happened that I didn’t expect:
I started laughing as hard as the next!
I still find Cindy a tad bit annoying
Okay, she’s sickening, her “cuteness” quite cloying.
But the Grinch by Jim Carrey — it’s a role made for him
From the tips of his toes to his hat brim!
The dialogue’s not evil, and the dog was amusing,
And the made up words weren’t too confusing.
But Carrey’s performance was absolutely charming,
And that, my dear friends, I found completely disarming.
I’m not a Carrey fan — I think he’s obnoxious
At least when he’s playing a character who’s noxious.
But in this role he had fun, and yet kept it in check
A fine line to walk, and not once did he wreck.
It shouldn’t win Oscars, or be called haute art,
But “The Grinch” is a movie that went straight to my heart.
It’s corny, it’s cheesy, it has morals to spout,
But hey, that’s what (secular) Christmas is about!
It’s not the original — make your mind separate,
You’ll find that it’s easier to appreciate.
Grab a kid, rent “The Grinch”, I think you will find
It’s fun mindless fare at holiday time.
Thank you Jim Carrey, for being all shrewd
And happy holidays to all who just got Mutant Reviewed!

Didja notice?

  • Swingers — the sisters were collecting keys at the party. Either they were trying to keep people from driving drunk, or they were arranging a swinging party. Your call.
  • Onion deodorant — it’s gonna be big.
  • The special treatment fragile boxes get? Very lifelike.
  • Cindy Lou is REALLY off-key.
  • Green makeup and white collars don’t go too well together.
  • Everything in the film revolves around a swirl, the same as in the original drawings of the book. This includes the clouds. If you look closely at in several scenes, several times the initials “C.H.”, “J.C.,” and “R.H.” briefly form as the clouds move. This stands for actor Clint Howard (Whobris), actor Jim Carrey (The Grinch), and director Ron Howard.
  • Jim Carrey also used the football play call “Blue 42! Blue 42! Hutt hutt!” in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.
  • The inscription on the coins in the store is “E Pluribus Whonum.”
  • The Navy cap the Grinch wears when pretending to be a director with Max reads “WSS Whoville WVN-70.”

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