Saturday’s Six: Queen’s Cult Moments

You’ve got your Queen on my Cult Movie! You’ve got your Cult Movie on my Queen!

The point of this Saturday’s Six (aside from giving me a craving for some PB cups) is to show how, truly, these two great tastes taste great together. You can’t go wrong adding a little Queen to the mix. Heck even anime has caught on:

Didn’t believe me didja?

While it was in no way easy (I swear, once you start thinking of a Saturday’s Six subject [say that five times fast] it’s hard to stop at six), I now present Eunice’s top Queen movie moments…

6. Flash Gordon

“Biro! You alright?” “They just winged me!”
      Let’s start off with the first movie Queen ever composed for. 1980’s Flash Gordon is a wonderful cheesefest (and I mean that in the best possible way). And the music is both awesome and over the top. My favorite: The Hawkmen and Flash attack War Rocket Ajax Battle Theme.
      Honestly, if you can’t appreciate this movie, I-I’m not so sure I want to know you.

    5. Moulin Rouge!/The Show Must Go On

    “Hurt him to save him.”
      I love the soundtrack for Moulin Rouge! like, whoa. The only one on this list that isn’t the Queen version in the movie, Jim Broadbent (the man kills it), Nicole Kidman, and MR!’s Greek chorus do this song so much justice. The operatic quality of the song goes with the spectacular spectacle of the movie, and the context of the movie fits perfectly with the tragicness (it’s a word as of… now) of the song. My favorite part is when the music drops out and Satine brokenly sings “Inside my heart is breaking My make-up may be flaking But my smile still stays on,” but the whole thing’s good.

    4. Shaun of the Dead/Don’t Stop Me Now

    “Daniel, kill the Queen!” “What?!”
      Perfectly synchronized beating of an elderly zombie with pool cues. Throwing darts. Unnecessarily kung-fu-ish-ly getting up. This scene makes me laugh out -and very- loud every time. It is pretty much perfection as far as comedy/music marriages go.

    3. Revenge of the Nerds/We Are the Champions

    "Nerds! Nerds! NERDS!"
      Every time I hear ‘We Are the Champions’ I think of the end of Revenge of the Nerds. In a store, a car, an elevator, or where ever it may randomly come over the speakers, I have been known to start chanting “Nerds!” … Or do the nerd laugh. Strange looks, I get them.
      How I wish I was kidding. Not enough movie freaks in the world says I.

    2. Wayne’s World/Bohemian Rhapsody

    “I think we’ll go with a little Bohemian Rhapsody, gentlemen.”
      I’m pretty sure Wayne’s World was my first exposure to Queen. For me, this song and the imagery of four slackers headbanging in a car, more than any other piece of music ever, are inextricably tied together for all eternity. Rockingest movie opening ever? I think so.

    1. Highlander

    “Will you light a candle, and remember me on my birthday?”
      And now we come full circle with the only other movie they directly contributed to. Let’s face it, you could look at Highlander as one long music video. While my favorite song from the soundtrack has to be ‘Princes of the Universe’, which would go on to be the TV series’ theme, if I had to pick one song/scene mash-up winner, it would be ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’. It’s a sad sweet song that fits Connor having to watch as Heather ages perfectly.
    This just cracks me up...

    Honorable Mentions: Grosse Point Blank/Under Pressure; A Knight’s Tale/We Will Rock You


  1. Don’t forget the music video for ‘Princes of the universe’. Connor MacLeod takes on Freddie Mercury in a duel. Connor has his sword. Freddie has a microphone stand. Can’t remember who wins, but it’s Made Of Awesome.

    Oh, and for anyone who’s interested, the anime at the top is called Cromartie High, one of the mostly delightfully batshit shows I’ve EVER come across. (if you’re willing to read subtitles, you can find it free on several streaming websites, including funimation’s youtube channel. If not, the DVD boxset is available at amazon) Freddie – who rides his horse through the corridors at random moments, among other things – isn’t even the strangest thing about the school. For one thing, the toughest guy in school is actually a robot, but only two members of the student body seem to realise this. Despite Mechazawa occasionally opening the top of his tin-can-shaped head in order to add some oil.

  2. His hand is holding an unfortunately (or fortunately YMMV) placed microphone cord. Looks different in motion, so you should totally check out the ‘Princes of the Universe’ video. Also, like TaleWeaver said, it’s Made of Awesome.

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