Community Rewatching 101: The World’s Whisper (S2E7)

Welcome to Fluffy Town (S2E9) Community Rewatching 101

Whether you are into very tiny animals with sunglasses, vast conspiracies about night school, thrashing uncontrollably on the ground, or Latvia's independence, today's CR101 episode is for you (you weirdo)! The crew tackle "Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design" from Season 2 while also making plans for a podcast sleepover with all of the blankets and pillows that Leonard can steal. Listen to CR101 on Anchor, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Radio Public Follow the CR101 crew on Twitter Thanks to Thomas Field for our theme song Other CR101 projects: Mutant Reviewers, Thomas Midena YouTube, Battle Bards, Heather’s Twitch channel
  1. Welcome to Fluffy Town (S2E9)
  2. Puppies on parade (S2E8)
  3. The World's Whisper (S2E7)

With Abed learning how to use his observational skills for evil and Troy and Jeff literally jumping for joy, “Aerodynamics of Gender” swaps personalities and makes us all yearn for a trampoline once again. Join the CR101 crew as they dive into this episode — but be warned: Thomas is in charge this time around. And when that happens, it’s very very very loud.

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