It Could Happen to You (1994) — Cop and waitress win the lottery together

“Stiff her! Stiff her!”

DnaError’s rating: Cage as cop makes lucky buck

DnaError’s review: I have a deep, dark secret. Even more secret then the time I used the girl’s bathroom in 4th grade. Even more dark then the unspoken love of chick folk rock. No, this is a secret I have kept buried and entombed until now.

I love It Could Happen To You.

“WHAT?!” you say. “This contradicts your manly tough-guy-geek persona! I am shocked and appalled.” Trust me, I know your pain. I keep telling myself, “Self, there is no conceivable reason why you should like this movie.” For one, it has Nicholas Cage in it, that dopey faced grease bag whom all free-loving people share an antipathy towards. Plus, Rose Perez and her amazing vocal cords appear, causing dogs all over the tri-state area to take notice.

Secondly, the plot is right out a junior screenwriter textbook. Guy, waitress, angry wife, Magical Black Man(tm), lotto ticket, and tuw wuv. Its shallow and simplistic and overly romantic and I.. just.. can’t… stop… watching.

I want to hate it. I’m sitting here, armed to the teeth with cynicism and sarcasm and popcorn. I am ready to destroy its romantic view of the world, but I can’t. The sheer sweetness and innocence of it makes me melt, like a chocolate bunny in the microwave. I can’t put my finger on it, but somehow this dopey-good hearted little movie found a crack in a bitter candy shell. I warm up. I smile. I become a puddly little goo of pussifed sissy juice. That’s it, a genuine sweet and sentimental flick. Goodhearted and charming and somehow able to make me break down and enjoy it. Damn you, ghost of Frank Carpa! Damn you!

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