Community Rewatching 101: Monkeyshines at the Picture Show (S1E15)

Paintballs really, really hurt (S1E23) Community Rewatching 101

When the ultimate prize rears its head, the paintballs come flying in this landmark episode of Community. Join Al, Thomas, and Justin for a look back at S1E23's "Modern Warfare" with all of the sordid and frank discussion that TV professors will never tell you. Lurid! Shocking! Painty!
  1. Paintballs really, really hurt (S1E23)
  2. Winona Ryder knits! (S1E22)
  3. Chicken run (S1E21)

The Community Rewatching 101 crew navigate another semi-normal day in the life of Greendale, with a bizarre love triangle, bad movie riffing, and all sorts of waggling eyebrows. Are we elated at the return of Vaughn? What do we think of Troy’s wooing technique? And is awkward Britta always the best Britta?

Extra credit:

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