Community Rewatching 101: Chang can never die (S1E13)

High on our own drama (S2E1) Community Rewatching 101

With Season 1 in the rearview mirror, the Community Rewatching 101 crew arrives at the second season with great anticipation — even if it arrives with tangled relationships, mugs of urine, and too many Chang puns. It’s an amazing season premiere, with Betty White, Gollum impersonations, and the worst kiss ever. Extra credit: Listen to CR101 on Anchor, Spotify, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Radio Public Follow the CR101 crew on Twitter Thanks to Thomas Field for our theme song Other CR101 projects: Mutant Reviewers, Thomas Midena YouTube, Battle Bards, Heather’s Twitch channel
  1. High on our own drama (S2E1)
  2. Season 1 outtakes and bloopers
  3. Season one wrap-up

He’s Senor Chang, and he cannot be killed. This is the life lesson imparted to the crew of Community Rewatching 101, who would all love to be as immortal and well-loved as this great Spanish teacher. As they investigate, er, Season 1’s “Investigative Journalism,” the topic of abrupt change in a sitcom environment comes to the forefront. And no, nobody likes Buddy.

Extra credit:

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