Community Rewatching 101: Steve the pencil (S1E1)

Pulp podcasting (S2E19) Community Rewatching 101

Only on Community can such disparate worlds such as Pulp Fiction, My Dinner With Andre, and Cougertown be brought together for a pretty A-OK birthday outing! Join the CR101 crew as they examine the market price of "Critical Film Studies" (S2E19)! Listen to CR101 on ⁠Anchor⁠, ⁠Spotify⁠, ⁠Breaker⁠, ⁠Google Podcasts⁠, ⁠Pocket Casts⁠, ⁠Radio Public⁠ ⁠Follow the CR101 crew on Twitter⁠ Thanks to ⁠Thomas Field⁠ for our theme song Other CR101 projects: ⁠Mutant Reviewers⁠, ⁠Thomas Midena YouTube⁠, ⁠Battle Bards⁠, ⁠Heather’s Twitch channel
  1. Pulp podcasting (S2E19)
  2. Hit me with your genie bottle (S2E18)

Bugs fixed, brains full, and mouths primed to spout off, the Community Rewatching 101 study group heads into their very first episode: Season 1’s Pilot! With a whole lot of “pilot weirdness,” this episode serves up a great deal of discussion on character introductions, the Battle Study Room, the truth about community college bells, and, of course, Steve the pencil.

Show notes:

  • Intro
  • Episode summary
  • Pilot weirdness
  • Character introductions
  • Community’s elevator pitch
  • Community college bells
  • The Abed conundrum
  • Overlooking Annie, Shirley, and Troy
  • Dislikes and likes
  • Episode Report Card
  • Outro

Extra credit:

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