State of the Site: February 2021

Greetings and salutations, fellow mutants!

January certainly wasn’t a slow month around Mutant Reviewers. Both Justin and Heather kicked off the year by sharing some of their favorite movie discoveries of 2020, so check those out. And the big event of the month was, of course, Tremors Week — a marathon of seven movies and two TV series.

We also pumped out a slew of reviews — some new, some old — to keep you happy. From the awfulness of Birdemic to the goofiness of Cabin Boy to the aquatic weather patterns of Sharknado, it stayed pretty busy and weird up in here. Partway through the month, we changed up our naming format to offer more description and flavor for visitors.

It was also a month of behind-the-scenes projects to improve the site. In addition to continuing to bring over our “C” reviews from the old site, we added a “visit a random review” button to the right-hand column. We also started going through ALL of the previously posted reviews to bring each and every one up to spec. This meant making sure every review page has a nice big header graphic, identical layout, correct links, and fixed typos. So far, we’ve gotten through all of the “A” through “H” reviews.

A huge change for the site was the addition of the Cult 101 page to help bring people into the world of cult movies. That’s a page that we expect to be refining as we continue to add in more films to the roster.

For February, we’ll keep on trucking with transplanting the “C” reviews and brushing up more of the review pages. Some of the brand-new stuff you can look forward to reading include LOTS of sequels, a look at a beloved 1980s cartoon, and a return to Dunder Mifflin.

Thanks for your support and readership! Let your friends know about the site, follow us on Twitter, and chat with all the Mutants on our Facebook page. If you enjoy writing about cult film and would like to join the team, learn how to become an official Mutant.

Have a great month,

The Mutant Reviewers

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