State of the Site: January 2021

And that’s a wrap on 2020! While this past year wasn’t ideal for reasons that your local news channel and Twitter feed will be glad to explain, there was one bright spot: the resurrection of Mutant Reviewers from its long nap. The site went from no updates to getting daily bursts of new and retro reviews and features, while we also touched base with the Mutant team.

So what did December accomplish? A whole lot, actually! In terms of bringing material over from the dead site, we finished up all of the “B” reviews and also enshrined the remainder of the Annual Mutant Awards for posterity. We also pumped out a whole lot of brand-new goods for you:

And what would December be like without some oddball Christmas? We featured six weird movie Santas, went through a mini-marathon with Home Alone and Home Alone 2, turned on the tube for Mickey’s Christmas Carol, and rung in the big day with Ernest Saves Christmas.

So I know you’re all dying to hear what’s coming in January — and it’s a whole lot, so brace yourselves! We’re going to be wrapping up 2020 with a few articles sharing our movie experiences, diving into the “C” retro reviews, and delivering one of our biggest theme weeks yet!

Thanks for your support and readership! Let your friends know about the site, follow us on Twitter, and chat with all the Mutants on our Facebook page. If you enjoy writing about cult film and would like to join the team, learn how to become an official Mutant.

Have a great month,

The Mutant Reviewers

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