State of the Site: September 2020

Greetings my most excellent friends! And welcome back to another State of the Site report from your friendly neighborhood Mutant Reviewers.

August was a jam-packed month full of movie reviews, mutant viewings, and features. We continued to plow through the “B” movies in bringing older reviews to the site, but those were by no means the only contributions to this month’s roster. Lissa popped her head up to review a musical zombie flick, for starters! We also had a couple dual reviews, a trip back to Back to the Future’s theme park ride, the resumption of the Challenge of the Superfriends viewings, and — of course — a look at the brand-new Bill and Ted film.

Here’s all of the brand-new stuff you may have missed from August:

Going into September, you can expect to see more of the same — more “B” named movies, more brand-new reviews and features — as well as a special theme week that the team has been working on behind the scenes.

Thanks for your support and readership! Let your friends know about the site, follow us on Twitter, and chat with all the Mutants on our Facebook page.

Have a great month,

The Mutant Reviewers

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