Sunday Sunrise: Your first movie poster?

So this is today’s question: What was the first movie poster you ever owned?

Tim Burton’s (remake? are we calling it a remake?) Frankenweenie came out on October the fifth and it has me remembering back to the Frankenweenie short way back from 1984. I have some fond nostagia-y memories tied to that old thing, the biggest being the poster. Allow me to explain.

When I was a kid, my older brother made money by mowing lawns and washing store front windows. One of the places was a video rental place owned by a neighbor who I think just our family alone might have kept in business (Hey Mr. Cole!). One day as Mr. Cole was cleaning out some storage he offered my brother his pick of posters as part of his payment. I remember one of the ones he picked was Die Hard, and he brought home Frankenweenie and Curly Sue for me. It was a treasured gift for a long time -it’s not everyday your older brother has a moment of no strings attached kindness- before dying an unfortunate death in a move (kinda broke my heart a bit *sniffle*).

Curly Sue was okay, but Frankenweenie was the one that really stuck with me, showing even then what a total cult movie geek I would turn out to be.

SO what about you guys? What was your first, or if you can’t remember your favorite, movie poster ever?


  1. 1980, The Blues Brothers. Jake leaning on Elwood on the right “front” of the image, the Bluesmobile, in the background on the left in what looks like a coal yard or some other industrial scene. The immortal words “They’ll never get caught. They’re on a mission from God.” across the top. In fact, I’m about 99% sure its rolled up in a poster tube in the bedroom closet because my wife won’t let me hang it up in our living room.

  2. I’ve never owned a movie poster, personally. As for a favorite, well… there’s no denying the sheer iconic power of the original Burton Batman poster, with its bold Bat-symbol on a field of black – and nothing else. It’s like ‘yeah – it’s BATMAN. We don’t even need to put in the title, y’all know what this means.’ There are a few others – the memorable art-deco one for the Rocketeer, the initial ‘teaser’ poster for Return to Oz – that spring to mind, but the Batman poster popped up first.

  3. Dick Tracy. My parents knew someone who worked at a movie theater, so my brother and I got posters of Tracy and a bunch of the film’s villains in silhouette profile. I thought they were the coolest thing ever.

  4. Last April at RavenCon, there was this presentation on the ABCs of Bad Cult Movies. One of the things the presenter noted was how so many of these films had really sweet poster art which today’s Photoshop hack jobs just can’t compare. As an example, check out this poster for The Green Slime. Sure the scale is off, but doesn’t it just look awesome?

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